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Texting Your Ex - What To Do And Say
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Texting Your Ex  -  What To Do And Say

Your ex broke up with you. No amount of denying the simple facts of the matter will make that reality any less true. If you're looking for some kind of mystical "fix-all" you've come to the wrong place.

In fact, there isn't anywhere where you can find a magic, secret text that can negate the negativity of the breakup as a whole. Dealing with all of those negative feelings is a crucial and vital part of winning an ex back in the end. Breakups produce a lot of unpleasant feelings. It's a simple fact of life. If you're looking for something that can make all of that go away, you're focusing on the wrong thing. You should be focused on making a coherent, cohesive plan. Not an instantaneous solution.

After a breakup, a single text message isn't going to do the trick - but a group of them might. The best text solution is actually a grouping of texts that are all designed to work together in order to make a combined solution - a solution that can actually work.

In such an emotionally charged situation, the last thing you want to do is start texting like crazy. Winning a relationship back isn't something that can be accomplished by snapping your fingers and hoping for the best. It's not a race to the finish line. It's a slow and steady pace that has to take place over time - and with a lot of planning and patience.

Immediately following the breakup is not the time to be sending text messages to your ex at all. You'll want to let the situation calm down naturally before you insert yourself back into the picture. Similarly, if you've been out of touch with your ex ever since the relationship ended, you'll need to build up the conversation more gradually.

There are five basic text categories that, when combined, can effectively get your relationship back on track. Learning them is simply the first part of the process. Putting them into practice effectively is another story.

* Start Simply:

Since you and your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend have most likely been out of touch since things fell apart, you'll obviously need to restart the conversation. You'll want to avoid messages that feel forceful - or give your ex the sense that they're being pressured into a response. Keep things light and friendly. Add a touch of humor. Whatever you do, don't demand a response. An ex that feels a sense of pressure is going to be an ex that's more likely to run away than take the bait.

* Rewind, Replay:

If you want to move forward, you'll have to focus on what tools you have in your corner. Ironically, one of your greatest advantages is the fact that you and your ex have a shared past. Use that past to your advantage by reminding your ex of some of the memories you shared together. Don't use the memories that spark feelings of negativity, like the circumstances surrounding the breakup. Use the ones that provoke a positive response - you and your ex's best moments, so to speak.

* Get the Intimacy Back:

Like the previous method, reconnecting with you and your ex's memory can also produce rekindled intimacy between the two of you. Instead of turning their attention back on humorous or funny memories, select a memory that allowed the two of you to bond. Your ex will miss having that bond with you when they remember how good it used to feel. That's your open door invitation to get things back on track.

* Inspiring Jealousy:

When someone thinks of jealousy, they often focus on the negative ramifications that jealousy can create. Ironically, when jealousy is used correctly, it's easily manipulated in your favor. You don't want to send your ex on an envious spiral, however. There are two sides to the jealousy coin - one is increasingly negative. The other side that is rarely explored, however, is to give your ex the impression that you're starting to move on. Focus on creating that fear - not the anger. If your ex is afraid of losing you for good, they'll be much more receptive to the idea of reconnecting.

* Being Open with Your Emotions:

You need to connect with your ex on an emotional level again if you want to win your ex back. This is unfortunately easier said than done. Since you've already rebuilt their feelings of intimacy and gotten them to miss that connection, they may be receptive to this last text type - the type where you lay your heart down and tell them how you really feel.

By utilizing and combining these five text messages into a cohesive plan of action, you may be well on your way to reconnecting and rebuilding your relationship as a whole. This plan can easily be put into practice - even if your ex is already dating, the two of you have been out of touch for an extended period of time or the breakup inspired a lot of negative emotions on both ends.

What's Next?

Texting your ex is a good start, but you need to know the other techniques that will speed up the process and create desire again. The contact that you have with your ex right now is important and will play a huge role in how your ex views you. You need to get this part right. Contacting your ex the right way will ensure that they see you as a potential partner again.

Also look into signs ex still likes you. It would be useful to know how your ex actually feels about you at this point. The last thing that you want to be doing is to make a fool of yourself pursuing someone who has already moved on.

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