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Texts You Should Send To Your Ex If You Want Them Back
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Texts You Should Send To Your Ex If You Want Them Back

A lot can hang in the balance when you're considering sending a text message to your ex, especially when you just went through the breakup process. If you send the wrong thing, they could disappear out of your life forever. Saying the right thing seems like a shot in the dark if you're trying to win them back. It's an anxiety provoking experience every time you pick up your phone. A text message can have very different meanings depending on the words used and the way you choose to arrange them. Regardless of the message, make sure that your meaning is clear. Texts to your ex can be easy to misinterpret and you don't want to make a bad situation even worse.

These ideas may be the first few that come to your head when you first start thinking about texting your ex:

- Sincerely saying you're sorry for any/all the mistakes you made throughout the relationship

- Just sending a message to say hi

- An attempt to play on your ex's hormones by intentionally getting them going

- A funny story or anecdote to make your ex laugh

- Opening the floodgates of emotions and expressing your undying love and devotion

- The text equivalent of crawling on your hands and knees to beg for another chance

- Intentionally trying to create a sense of jealousy or fear of you moving on

- Trying to make your ex remember all the positive memories you once shared

- Anything else you can think of

Which ideas are positive and can be used to your advantage? Which ones should you avoid at all costs? Consider your specific, unique situation before you send any messages at all. These scenarios can help you figure out the right moves and avoid unintentionally scaring off your ex for good.

1) You've had a Successful run of a "no contact policy" and it's been awhile since you talked:

The ideal text in this scenario is something that can effectively start a conversation without overwhelming your ex or putting them on edge. They won't feel obligated to respond, but they're welcome to continue the conversation if they're interested. Your best bet is to remain casual, positive and light-hearted. Don't delve into any potentially controversial subjects and keep it simple. They're more likely to respond to a positive, up-beat tone without fearing what may come next.

2) You Want Them to Think About Dating Again:

If you've been in contact off and on with your ex and the communication has been going well, you probably think it's time for them to consider the possibility of getting back together. Keep in mind that this should NOT take place after your first successful text conversation where you didn't scream at each other in all capital letters. This is after a significant but not overly long period of time where things have seemed to progress nicely. In this situation, you're probably going to want to send your ex a text that communicates the best parts of your relationship and makes them nostalgic for the way things were.

3) Your Ex Is Experiencing a Personal Difficulty:

If your ex is experiencing a personal crisis or finding themselves in a difficult situation, turning this opportunity into a positive can enhance things in your favor. You naturally want to provide comfort and comfort often increases the intimacy experienced between two people who used to share a bond. A loss of employment or a family emergency can be significantly draining. You can provide some comfort and support without being in their face or nosing your way into their business. You can simply send a text that lets them know you're there.

4) You Want Your Ex to Know You're Moving On:

You fear deep down that your ex perceives you as a miserable fool, drowning your sorrows in a stiff drink or a bucket of fried chicken. The Nerve! You have a life, and you aren't just moping into your cappuccino. Well, not anymore anyway. A text in this scenario that manipulates the feelings that your ex still has for you and makes them feel a twinge of jealousy can be very effective in getting them back. Be sure to use caution, however. Jealousy can backfire when not applied correctly or tactfully. It also can be too obvious if you don't choose your words carefully. Jealousy is a powerful and often dangerous weapon but it is also an effective one.

5) You want to Express Your True Feelings for Your Ex:

These types of texts are designed to tug at his heart strings and re-forge the bond that you two used to share. These texts are best served a la carte - no side dishes are required. Don't add a lot of extra words, beat around the bush or burry your emotions under a bunch of worthless crap. If you two are still close and your efforts at communication have been largely successful these types of texts have a large chance of success. If you rush into these types of messages, though, they could have the opposite effect and ruin your chances of getting back together by pushing your ex farther away.

Next Steps

Understanding these types of texts and utilizing them properly can be valuable tools on the road to your reconciliation. Making a positive impression is a key factor here - you want to make your ex desire you again and long for a renewed relationship with you. Texting is a valuable way to accomplish that goal, and social media sites like Facebook can also be important. Specific Facebook techniques can build significant attraction in a lot less time than you may think - your ex will soon be unable to resist the urge to get back together with you again.

Before taking any further action, make sure you accurately read the signs that your ex is displaying. If they're not giving off any cues that they're still into you it's possible that they've managed to move on. If that is the case, your cause is unfortunately a lost one. Trying to get your ex back once they've moved past your relationship and is looking forward will get you nothing but further pain.

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