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The Best Texts To Send To Your Ex If You Want Them Back
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The Best Texts To Send To Your Ex If You Want Them Back

Ever since your ex broke things off with you, you've been on the hunt for the magic words to put everything back together again - like humpty dumpty, but worse. You're in for a potentially bad shock. You're not going to find the magic solution here - or anywhere else for that matter.

The reason that your quest for a magical solution is going to go unrequited is because they simply don't exist. There isn't a relationship "fix-all". If there were, breakups simply wouldn't happen anymore - or if they did, they wouldn't last more than an hour at most.

While one text, despite its content, may not be the perfect solution to get your relationship back on the right track, a combination of texts may be able to do the trick. These texts have a job to do, and when they're used correctly and at the right time, they can be a perfect solution to the problem and get things moving in a forward, positive direction.

If your breakup just went down, however, you're going to want to back off for a short time. Now is not the time to be going text-crazy, sending a million texts like arrows hoping that one of them somehow find its way to your ultimate target. In fact, you should never rely on a text overload as an effective tool in your arsenal. Quite the contrary. If you move too quickly or do too much at once, you may end up right where you started with nothing but a closed door in your face to keep you company and find yourself in a worse position than you were in when they first broke up with you.

Five specific and common text methods can be your ultimate guide to success. They have worked for hundreds of people that unfortunately found themselves in your position, and it's possible to put them to good, proactive and positive use. You'll want to combine texts that can reestablish communication, increase and enhance intimacy, memory boosters, texts to create jealousy and heartfelt messages to accomplish your goal in a very real, very positive manner.

* Open the Door of Communication Slowly:

If you send your ex a text out the blue it can feel like you're kicking a door down rather than gently nudging it open. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that any pressure you put on your ex to respond is going to come back and bite you. Keep things light-hearted and fun, and avoid pressure like the plague. You may be surprised at how positively your ex responds to the idea of a conversation again - as long as it's ultimately their call to make.

* Replay your Greatest Hits:

Your greatest hits are all the fun, quirky, unique and special moments that you and your ex spent together. Your memories are drowning you, and you can't turn around without finding something that reminds you of them. Their mind may not be in the same place, but you can take it there by sending texts that bring those memories back to the surface and remind them of the reasons that the two of you initially got together.

* Building the Foundations of Intimacy:

Like the greatest hits texts, intimacy expanders use positive memories to bring your ex to a more romantic mindset when it comes to their thoughts of you. These memories should be focused on times that united the two of you and brought you even closer together. They effectively make your ex miss your former bond and become more interested in recreating that bond in the present.

* Use Jealousy To Your Advantage:

While the other types of texts may be mostly innocuous in nature, jealousy texts come with a bite. All exes are capable of feeling jealousy. It's easy to become overwhelmed by it and using jealousy carelessly can come back to bite you in the butt. Instead of flaunting your new flirt partner in your ex's face and hoping for the best, you'll want to just hint at the idea that you're ready to move on. Their imagination will do the best. Instead of flying into a jealous rage, they'll connect with their fear - a fear that is focused on the idea of losing you, and nothing more.

* Understand and Convey Your Feelings:

Where jealousy texts can be dangerous ground for you and your ex, emotional texts aren't dangerous in the same sense, but they do put your vulnerability on display for your ex to see. It's never comfortable to feel vulnerable and exposed, but telling your ex how you really feel is an integral piece of the puzzle that can reunite you permanently.

Once the methods are fully engrained in your thought process, it's time to learn how to use them together - not separately. No matter what's going on in you or your ex's life at the time you put these combination techniques into play, they can effectively reverse the process, make your breakup a simple bad memory and get things back onto the positive side of the fence and put you well on the road to a happy ever after.

What’s Next?

Texts are only one tool that you have in your arsenal for winning back your ex. There are many more effective strategies that you could be putting into practice today to make the whole process easier. Learning how to avoid the biggest break up mistakes is one thing that you should be doing. If you are guilty of doing any of these things then you need to stop now because it will be killing the attraction that your ex has for you.

You also have to understand how contact with your ex can increase desire and encourage them to chase you. If you get it right you will be able to win your ex back more easily than you think.

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