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The Importance Of Openness
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When you get a job, you want to do well. You hope to be one of the employees who is offered a raise, who is asked to speak at a convention, and who is named Employee of the Month. When things do not go exactly as you had hoped, you might notice your hours being cut back. You then worry about whether you will still have a job tomorrow.

If you are working, and you love your job, you want to keep everything the way it is at this moment. You hope to remain employed with this company. Naturally, you want to know how you are doing. Well-meaning family members may have advised you, "Don't borrow trouble." If you want to know how you are doing, just ask your supervisor. He should be able to be open and honest with you about your performance. Human beings are not mind readers. They need and deserve to know where they stand with their employer and that they will still have a job tomorrow. When you know how you are doing, you can stop worrying about your performance and just do your job. You can relax and focus on being the best secretary, tutor, or waiter that you can possibly be. Also, when you can relax and stop worrying about how you are doing, you may find that you can have fun and enjoy yourself at work.

Similarly, family members need to be open and honest with each other. If a couple is married, and there are concerns regarding the couple, the couple should know. A married couple is a package. If the couple is having financial problems, parents should not try to split the couple up. Family members need to talk with the couple as a couple, rather than pulling one member of the couple off to the side and asking, "Are you happy?"

Silence is a good thing, when you want it. It is great when you want to read, enjoy some uninterrupted television time, talk on the phone, or go to sleep. Silence is not good, however, when it comes to communication. When you do not hear from your family, you might worry about what is going on. You worry about whether they are alright. You worry about what might be going on behind the scenes. Do not be silent with your family. You should all be on the same page. Stay in touch with them, and everyone involved will experience much less stress.

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