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What Does It Mean When Your Ex Keeps Texting You?
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What Does It Mean When Your Ex Keeps Texting You?

When your ex keeps texting you, it can mean a few things and you will have to be careful not to misread the signs if you want to avoid making a fool of yourself.

It's often easy to take modern convenience for granted - and if you take the time to think about it, it's often overwhelming. It's so easy to reach out and make contact with someone else these days, and when it comes to contact, there's nothing like a text-message to make it possible. It's second-nature, now, and you don't even really have to think about it before it's done.

When someone else breaks up with you, though, you imagine that all the texts that the two of you exchanged throughout the course of your relationship are at a natural end. There's nothing between you anymore, regardless of how you may still feel about your ex. It's over. You take that word "over" seriously, and expect that you won't hear from your ex for quite some time. Nothing surprises you more than receiving a text from them out of the blue, not long after they've dumped you.

Why does your ex still text you? Does it have to do with the breakup, or are they starting to have second-thoughts? Should you try to decipher the message to look for hidden meanings, or keep it simply on a surface-level? What are they really after, and what does it mean for you?

What Is Your Ex's Agenda?

It's easy to try and rationalize your ex's text messages in order to avoid getting your hopes up without cause. The bottom line remains -there simply are no innocent reasons for your ex to be texting you after the breakup. They're clearly looking for something, and now your choice becomes either to let them have it or to use the advantage and regain the upper hand.

If your ex's text didn't come complete with a reason for contacting you at all, don't be surprised. The justifications and rationalizations come easily in the wake up a breakup, and truthfully, your ex may not realize fully why they're texting you either. If they can't fully grasp the reason for their actions, how could they possibly explain them to you?

Although the world seems to be a murky river where you're unable to see through the water to the bottom, a few things are as clear as glass. Firstly, your ex is clearly thinking about you - or else they never would have worked up the nerve to send that message in the first place. Secondly, since they've been thinking of you so often, it's naturally understood that they'll start to miss you as well. Since it's highly suspect that their motives are entirely pure, it's possible to deduce that something s lurking beneath the surface. Take it as a good sign, even if you don't clearly understand it at the time. Things have a way of working themselves out - but don't mistake that as a reason to sit back and refuse to take action.

Is Your Ex Texting Regularly?

Take a step back and look at the cold hard facts. You know that not everything in a breakup can be solved in a single conversation, and there are some valid reasons for your ex to ask you a question or split up some mutual property. Texts of this nature will generally come one at a time, and as soon as the information is shared, they'll abruptly stop, just like you expected in the first place.

Alternately, if your ex's messages have nothing to do with solving some lingering issues and carry a flirty or overtly friendly tone, it's possible that your ex is dealing with more than they'd like to let on. Does your ex seem to be digging for information about you? Do they ask leading questions to try and determine how you're feeling about them and the breakup overall? If so, it's probably safe to assume that they're trying to gauge their chances of getting you back - if they ever decide to try.

How About the Timing?

As silly as it may sound, timing is important when it comes to deciphering your ex's messages. Texts during the evening hours (especially if that's when you and your ex primarily used to talk) are a huge indication of loneliness and vulnerability. They're finding it hard to resist staying away - it's familiar, and it's hard to break old habits.

Weekend texts from your ex are a good indication of having way too much time on their hands. They may proclaim an active or interesting social life, but the truth is that they're probably sitting at home, alone on the couch - just like you are. If your ex has the time to text you as much as they have been doing, their social life is not picking up like they'd like you to believe that it is.

If your ex finds that drunken texts are the way to go, don't jump to other conclusions. Their intentions should be blatantly obvious - once you get past the initial rage and jealousy that come with the territory. These kinds of messages have only one purpose - your ex wants to know if you still have feelings for them, and if you give them the reaction that they're hoping for, they'll know that they still have you right where they want you - in their back pocket, in case they want to try to get you back later on.

What is the Best Way To Respond?

What you do in the face of all of these messages ultimately rests on what you hope to accomplish. If you want to end up back together when all is said and done, don't feel inclined to respond right away. There's no harm in keeping them waiting for a little while, and you're under no obligation to respond within a certain time frame - or at all, for that matter.

Texts are not the way to go if you're hoping to get back together. A carefully thought-out plan is in order here. The only way to reverse a breakup successfully is to know how to act, when to act and what to say. Only then can you plan on moving forward, and making sure that forward motion is in a positive direction to reach your goals.

What's Next?

Essentially you now know some of the reasons behind why your ex keeps texting you. Now you have to act if you want to win your ex back. To do this you have to start out the right way and follow strategies that are proven to work. To encourage your ex's interest and communication with you, you will need to understand more about the no contact rule. You will also have to avoid these post break up mistakes like the plague if you are to stand any chance of making your ex want you again.

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