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What Should I Say If My Ex Boyfriend Calls - This!
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What Should I Say If My Ex Boyfriend Calls  -  This!

What are you supposed to say when your ex-boyfriend finally decides to call you? The last thing you want is to face one awkward silence after another and leave the chance of having him call you again up in the air. Things have been understandably tense between you ever since the breakup and you're afraid of blowing what may be your only chance. Thankfully, you're not alone. Some proven methods listed below can help guide the conversation in a way that makes you come out on top.

If you're serious and really do want to get him back, some things need to change immediately. While it may be comforting to hear your friends and family insult your ex in front of you, that's not going to help you in the long run. Make sure that they understand that you want to get back together and that you still care for him deeply. By making an effort, you're reinforcing that you believe he's a good person - and that means not hearing that he's a jerk every time you hang out with the girls.

Reducing the amount of negativity is a crucial part of the process when your ex boyfriend calls. If there are any lingering feelings in your mind about the breakup, they need to be dealt with before you can successfully move on - or else your ex is going to discern it from your words no matter how well you try to hide it.

While you're waiting for that phone to ring, prepare your mind. Make sure that you stay calm and clear-headed and you don't announce that you love him and want to be with him forever in lieu of "hello" when you answer. He's been wondering about you and you don't want to frighten him off by giving him the impression that the only thing you've been doing is waiting for him to finally call. If his first attempt comes by way of a text or an impersonal email, you don't need to respond. Pretend like you never got them. You want to make sure he feels compelled to pick up the phone - and only after a sufficient amount of time has passed since you began ignoring him.

If you overwhelm him by telling him how good it is to hear from him, he's going to back off fast and you will never get him back this way. Conversely, if he feels you pulling away even more he's going to start the pursuit. That means you have to keep him on shaky ground and not allow him to have a foothold in your present reality. By encouraging his confusion and not giving up a wealth of information right away, the fear of losing you is going to become more and more apparent and it's going to become a thought that cannot be ignored.

When it starts to get to the breaking point in his head, he's going to call. When he does, make sure you stay casual and don't let your tone of voice lean too far towards happiness or boredom. Keep it in the middle. This is easiest when you let him talk. Since he called, he should provide the conversation and in the meantime you can avoid saying something that you may later regret. Act like the call disrupted something you were doing, but that you made the decision to pick up anyway.

The conversation should go something like this. Let your ex know that hearing from him is a good thing and make sure to ask an initial question. Ask what he's been up to or what's been going on in his life and then allow him the chance to talk. If he provides a reason for his call, allow him the opportunity. After a few minutes (but absolutely no more than five), let him know that you're busy and he caught you at an inconvenient time. Suggest the possibility that talking later on is possible, then say goodbye. That conversation was perfectly timed and played up your advantage beautifully.

Once you let him know that you're ending the call, he may jump in with a request to talk again and acknowledge it positively. Don't make a move to set it up yourself, though. If he's curious about your plans, you are getting the green light that he hasn't moved on from the breakup yet. Be vague and generalize and tell him whatever comes to mind. After hanging up, make sure to get out of the house for a while. It will help you focus and get the cobwebs from your mind after the phone call.

Your goal was to make your ex uneasy - and you just accomplished it in spades. He's redefining the word uneasy right now, and he's probably driving himself crazy with doubt, paranoia and fear. He told himself before he broke up with you that he can always take you back - and you made him realize that possibility may not be on the table anymore.

Your Next Steps

You obviously need to know what to do and say after the phone call too. That is why you need to learn how to attract your ex boyfriend. If you say and do the right things here, he will not be able to stay away and his admiration for you will grow. Also be on the look out for signs he still loves you. He may not have given much away thus far, but his behaviour will speak volumes about how he really feels, you just have to be able to interpret it properly.

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