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What Sorts Of Texts Should I Send To My Ex?
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What Sorts Of Texts Should I Send To My Ex?

If you are interested in what sorts of texts to send to your ex then you have come to the right place. When it comes to winning an ex back after a breakup, texts can be an effective and valuable tool in your arsenal. Lots of different text methods can play their own unique role in the overall process. Winning back an ex is not as simple as saying a few magic words. It takes time, effort and energy, and must be approached with patience. You're slowly going to reach for an internal change in your ex's mind - to get them to understand that your former relationship was valuable to them - and it's something that is worth holding onto.

Not all texts have the same overall purpose. Some messages are designed to reopen the lines of communication. Some can redirect your ex's thoughts to more positive aspects of your mutual past. Some messages can reconnect your ex with their previous emotional connection to you. Other texts can send your ex a powerful and positive reminder of how happy you used to be together, and get them to miss that prior bond. Intimacy is not only resigned to the emotional aspects of your relationship, there are even text messages that can excite and arouse your ex's body as well as their mind. Each one of these types of texts serve a purpose and has its place within the process of reclaiming your lost relationship and getting things back on track.

Don't assume that you could use any of these sorts of text messages to your ex at any time with effective results. With the following examples that can be personalized to fit your unique circumstances, you can get an idea of what tips can be combined and used advantageously. These standardized techniques are merely another tool. How you combine, adapt and make them unique is ultimately up to you.

- 1st Example: Conversation Starters:

Everything has to have a starting point before it can be expected to progress. Since you and your ex have been out of touch, before you can expect to reform old bonds you have to initiate conversation again. These texts need to be pressure-free and simple. Your ex has the open door if they're interested in reopening the lines of positive communication.

"Hey, do you remember the time that we locked the keys in the car at the mall? Well, I just did it again, and it made me remember you. Hope things are going well for you."

-2nd Example: Reconnect with the Good Times:

After you and your ex have broken through the barrier of silence, it's time to start pivoting their point of focus slowly and gradually. You can do this perfectly by tapping into their mental "replay". You want to gain access to their memory bank regarding your relationship and refocus their attention onto the positive memories of our time together - and away from the negative ones surrounding your breakup.

"I wish I had a video of the time that we tried to sled down that icy hill and lost control of the sled - ending up head-first in the embankment across the street. I thought my nose was going to get frostbite, but we couldn't stop laughing and I can't forget the look that you had on your face"

-3rd Example: Attuned to Anxiety:

No matter how the breakup came about, it's an undeniable fact that everybody needs somebody sometime - and if your ex is experiencing a personal struggle at the moment, they may naturally turn to the people that thy feel the closest to. Even though you're no longer together, you and your ex were incredibly close. These types of texts to send to your ex serve a critical purpose. Struggles are a part of life and everyone experiences them. Let your ex know that, if they need someone to talk to, you're there for them. Simply realizing that someone is in their corner can be a good way to recreate emotional intimacy and redirect their thoughts towards you in a more romantic direction.

"I'm sure that your midterms are going to be a nightmare for you. I know you'll do fine, but if you want a break or need someone to talk to, I'm all ears"

- 4th Example: The Green Monster:

If you attempt to use jealousy as a tool to assist you in winning your ex back for good, you'll want to exercise a lot of caution and you need to look before you leap. Jealousy texts are difficult to control, and they can easily backfire, causing you to end up in even more trouble than you probably bargained for. The point that you want to get across in these messages is not that you're out, living it up, flirting with every guy/girl in town. Instead, you want to convey a sense of acceptance and give your ex the impression that you've come to terms with the breakup and you're ready to move on.

You don't want to club your ex over the head with the information - you want it to be subtle enough to allow their imagination to do all of the hard work for you. As they begin to wrap their minds around the idea of a life without you in it, their sense of potential loss will kick start those jealous instincts - and send their imagination racing. The best news of all, though, is that you hardly had to make any effort at all in order to bring it about.

"While I was out with a friend, we ran into that guy from the park that we always used to see. He said to tell you hi"

Every single one of these text message examples to your ex have an appropriate time and place in order to produce maximum results. All of them can help you move forward in your effort to rebuild your relationship. In order to give yourself a fighting chance, don't just copy and paste these examples verbatim. Get the gist behind them, and embed your own stories into them. Make them your own, and bring them to life.

What's Next?

An additional text message technique that can produce incredible results can be done directly from your Android or Iphone. These incredibly powerful tips that are being put to good use now - and producing provable, lasting results. First though, you need to perfect your overall contact with your ex. When you get this part right your ex will be eager to receive texts from you and be much more likely to respond in a positive way.

To win your ex back you have to be proactive and not make any of these common break up mistakes that will send your ex running for the hills. You might not think that you are doing any of these things, but some of these mistakes are subtler than you think. Check them out now.

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