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What To Say To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back - This!
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What To Say To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back  -  This!

There are loads of things that you can say to your ex boyfriend, but they won't necessarily get him back. There are no magic words that exist to make a light switch go off in his head and make him realise that he loves and misses you. How you contact him and when are much more important and if you get these things right you will be successful. So don't look at it in the narrow way of 'what to say to get my ex boyfriend back', take a more rounded view and it will work!

Patience Is A Virtue - Wait For Him To Call YOU

Now you need to take a few steps back and put your plan on temporary hold. You need to wait for your ex to approach you - not the other way around. That means eliminating any continuing contact that's been going back and forth. He's probably relying on a constant stream of information that lets him know how you're doing. His worst nightmare is about to come true - he's going to start thinking that you're over the breakup and you're actively moving on. With your newfound attitude, you're doing it all with a smile on your face, and you're doing it without him. That's going to make him reach out - or face losing you forever.

You want to keep your ex-boyfriend on the edge as much as possible. In order to do that successfully, you need to make sure that he's spending his time missing you and dreading the possibility that you could possibly leave him behind while he still cares for you in a romantic sense. Once you shake up his underlying belief that he can have you back whenever he wants, he's going to realize that something has to be done, and that's the moment you've been waiting for.

When He Calls - What to Do And Say

The most important thing at this stage is that you do NOT jump to answer the phone as soon as it calls. If he is calling you then you should make him wait a little, even letting it ring through for the first time is not a bad idea. If you are nervous and jittery it is best if you don't answer at all because he will be able to read how you feel about him. The last thing you want is to be tongue tied and start talking incessantly about nonsense.

If you think that you are up to answering then you should do so in a laid back but friendly way. Never be rude or bitter towards him or he will feel like he can't get in contact with you again. You want the experience to be a pleasant one and to encourage his advantages. By the same token, you should not give away too much or declare your undying love to him. This will put him off too and make him run in the opposite direction.

Be brief but pleasant, answer his questions without giving him any juicy details - let him imagine what you have been up to for himself, this is much more effective. You should also NEVER bring up anything about the break up or hint that you are not doing well or accepting it. This is when you have to cut the conversation short and say that it was nice to speak to him but you have to go. This will leave him wanting more.

After He Calls - How He Will React

If only you could be a fly on the wall at your ex's place right now. While you're out enjoying life, your ex is staring at the phone blankly and wondering what happened and how everything got switched around so fast. You're not moping over him at all. In fact, it sounded like you couldn't care less. That's not how he expected this conversation to turn out. If he thought the door to reconciliation was left swinging open in the breeze, he just realized that it was abruptly shut - and probably locked behind him.

Your ex may feel like he was blown off or left out to dry and that's a good thing. He is now in the position where he has to chase you if he wants to avoid watching you walk out for good. If he's honest with his feelings towards you and realizes that he still loves you, he's going to jump into action - sooner rather than later.

So when your ex calls, don't say much and don't overwhelm him. Take your own power back by asserting control over your emotions and your thoughts and get yourself into a positive frame of mind. The end result is worth the work you put into it once you're willing to try.

Your Next Steps

When your ex boyfriend calls you it will come after a period of no contact. You should learn all about the no contact rule and how it works to increase his desire for you and make him want to communicate with you again. You also have to make him want you back, if you use the correct techniques this will be straightforward and he will be like putty in your hands.

Also look out for the signs he still likes you. He will not want to show you how he really feels at this stage, but there are ways of knowing the truth if you can figure out how to study his actions and decipher what he says.

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