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When Is It Okay To Call My Ex Boyfriend? - Give Yourself An Advantage
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When Is It Okay To Call My Ex Boyfriend?  -  Give Yourself An Advantage

Reaching out after a breakup and reestablishing contact with an ex-boyfriend is an uncertain and nerve-wracking process. It's difficult to determine if your efforts will be well received or ignored. You are completely unaware of what's been happening in your ex's life and whether or not he'll welcome hearing from you. Chances are high that if he hasn't initiated contact first it's for a reason - right now, he doesn't want to.

Facing that reality can be a difficult challenge all on its own. No one wants to face the fact that someone they cared so much about wants nothing to do with them, especially since your feelings are so strong. You don't know how long this period of silence is going to continue, and you're going to want to make the first step - just in case he never does. Before succumbing to that possibility, take a moment to put yourself in his shoes.

Have you given him enough space? After the breakup did you bombard him with texts, voicemails, missed calls or emails? If the answer to any of those (or all of those) is yes, that can be a huge contributing factor to why he's avoiding you like the plague. He doesn't want to have to deal with his guilt over ending things combined with your unstable and unpredictable reactions. He doesn't know what to expect, and that uncertainty is allowing him to keep his distance. If you've flooded him with contact, he can't possibly start realizing what he lost. He'll never be able to miss you that way and until he does, your chances of rekindling that romance are pretty slim.

Fake it Until You Make It - Put on a Brave Face

Before you can put any stock on your ability to win your ex-boyfriend back by sheer force of will, you need to examine the actions that you're taking. If you're calling him constantly and chasing him down whenever he leaves the house, he's never going to see things from your point of view. In fact, every step you take is only going to reinforce his belief that leaving was the right thing to do. He has you where he wants you and there is no reason for him to give that up as long as you continue pursuing him relentlessly.

Giving him the impression that you're doing fine is one of the best moves you can make in order to increase your chances of being successful. Even though it will go against every single natural instinct you have, you need to stop your obsessive behavior and drop it - at least as far as he can tell. If you're not endlessly messaging him or showing up at his favorite bar to hang out, he's going to wonder what's changed. As soon as he realizes you may be off the market for good and in the arms of another guy, he's going to start regretting his decision and will see you once again as true dating potential.

You don't need to just twiddle your thumbs until he decides to pick up the phone - make him need to. He's going to want answers and he isn't quite realizing that you aren't obligated to answer him anymore. You've turned his whole perception around simply by allowing him to see the best of you. Now he has to come to terms with the fact that he gave that up. While he's still thinking about you, you seem to be moving on. You've put all your cards in line and you've set yourself up in a scenario that almost guarantees a victory.

Sever Ties and Remove All Contact

If you want the reality of the situation to really hit home with your ex-boyfriend, stop talking to him. Let his only information about you and your life come second or third hand. Let him wonder what's gotten into you and why you've suddenly decided to disappear. Instantly, his worst fears are going to come into play. He's going to get jealous of anyone and everyone you spend time with. He's going to assume that you're dating someone new, and his own mind is going to be your most valuable ally.

Not only is his imagination running wild, but his emotions are too. He's starting to see you positively and recognize the fact that you're gone. You're not simply waiting for him to change his mind anymore and he's going to realize that he may not be able to get you back after all. Without that level of security, his instincts are going to come into play. He's going to want to reach out. That's exactly what you want to happen.

Get Him To Call You

You don't want to risk blowing all of your efforts by becoming impatient now. Instead of focusing on how long it's been or what he may be doing, keep the focus on yourself. Be proactive in developing and embracing your new life and don't let his lack of contact inhibit you from exploring your options. Recognize that breakups are hard on everybody - even the party that initiated the separation. He's struggling with his own feelings right now and may just need some additional time to come to terms with the reality.

Don't waste your time stressing yourself out. Do what you can to enhance his curiosity and pique his interest. If you can do that successfully while combining it with an existing no-contact policy, he won't be able to control himself. All you have to do now is wait - and it won't be as long as you think to get him back again.

You know that he needs to miss you before he can positively accept renewed contact. If he's still struggling with his feelings, he may not be at that point quite yet. Learn the hidden secrets to insert yourself positively into his thoughts without being too aggressive. That way he'll think that he's thinking about you on his own and that can lead to contact, meeting up and possibly rekindling your romance. Don't knock your progress down a few pegs - stay strong and do what you can to recognize areas that need improvement in your own life. That way you'll increase your self-confidence and become irresistibly attractive to the opposite sex - including your ex.

Your Next Steps

If your ex boyfriend is still not responding to your efforts, it is time to really get inside his head and find out why he is ignoring you. Men and women are very different in the way that they think. He has not seen the break up through your eyes, just as you haven't really experienced what he saw. Now is the time to read between the lines and figure out why he is giving you the silent treatment.

You must learn how to attract ex boyfriend again through various techniques. You don't want to manipulate him of course, but encouraging him to think about you in a positive light again is doable if you do it properly. Knowing whether he wants to give things another try is essential too, you don't want to be flogging a dead horse here, so look out for signs he wants you back to know where you stand.

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