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When Your Ex Refuses To Talk To You - Do This
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When Your Ex Refuses To Talk To You  -  Do This

If you thought that nothing could be worse than going through a breakup, you are realizing now that you were mistaken. Not only did your ex leave you, now they seem to be avoiding your attempts to make contact and you're left with very few options - or so you think. Obviously communication needs to be reestablished before you can win them back. What you do from here on out is going to make or break your chances of winning them back in the end.

Don't take their lack of response to your attempts as a lack of interest. It's more likely that they're trying to deal with the breakup on their own terms. You had a lot to deal with when you realized your relationship was over. They're in the same situation, even though they chose to walk away. Instead of taking it to heart, try thinking about how they're handling the situation - and recognize that they have their own battles to face, just like you do.

Making the Right Choices after Your Breakup:

Once the breakup has had time to sink in, it's time to take action. Not all actions are equal, however. In fact, there are several mistakes that you can make that will limit the possibility of getting your ex back significantly. You can't just go in swinging and expect one of your attempts to be successful right off the bat. Instead, try looking at the situation as a whole. There are lots of different avenues before you. If you want to put yourself in a beneficial position, it's important to choose the right path to your end goal. That means that you have to avoid some mistakes along the way. Use the following guide to your advantage when it comes to making smart decisions that can help you along the path to winning your ex back.

- Don't waste your time (or theirs) by chasing them:

Your ex doesn't want to be caught, and it's not a game of tag. The best way to get your ex's attention is to do something they don't expect, and that means avoiding the urge to chase them entirely. When they realize that you're not hot on their heels, not only will they stop running, but they'll wonder why you're not conforming to the behavior they've come to expect in this situation.

- Handle a negative situation positively:

Your ex may think that a breakup will trigger a chain reaction within your subconscious. If they're expecting you to cry into your coffee and stare at the TV searching for answers, you want to overcome that pre-conceived expectation as well. You don't want to fake happiness, but you do want to consider the result. The quicker you can overcome the urge to be negative, the quicker you can move forwards towards the next stage of the process.

- Welcome the outside world:

No one says that you have to handle this situation on your own. While sitting at home alone may conform to the expectation that your ex has in mind, it doesn't have to be that way. You are allowed to go out with your friends and enjoy what life has to offer. Not only will you be able to enjoy life and rediscover your own happiness independent of your previous relationship, but your ex is going to start weighing their own options completely. What if you met someone and moved on? If they were intending to keep you around for a "just in case" scenario, seeing you happy can put their gamble on the line, and they may start thinking that ending the relationship wasn't in their best interest. At least, not if they think that they may risk losing you completely.

-Think about the way things used to be:

That doesn't mean that you have to look to the past for happiness. It means reevaluating the person you currently are - and how you've probably changed throughout the course of your relationship. If you've been a lot less attentive due to external stress, it may have taken a toll on your relationship. Something made your ex single you out when you first started dating. Reclaiming that past can significantly propel you forward and put you one step closer to winning them back.

Understand the Underlying Cause

When it comes right down to it, you may have made a mistake when facing your breakup. You may have reached out too quickly post-breakup and tried to fix things before the right time presented itself. If you kept your distance initially, there could be another possibility. How many texts or emails did you send after you decided to get in touch? Either way, your ex is keeping their distance for a reason - but those reasons can be overcome by putting a proactive plan into place.

This plan is a multi-step approach to eventually winning your ex back into your life. It's not something that can be a one-shot hit and run to get them to notice you again. With each step, you need to learn to read their reactions correctly. By doing that, you can increase your chances and also prove that you're interested in their point of view which overall makes you more attractive in the eyes of your ex.

What To Do Next

Your ex is refusing to talk to you for a reason, so take a look at these break up mistakes that we are all guilty of. If you are doing any of these things it could be putting your ex off you. Now you have to turn things around and make your ex see you as a potential partner again. This starts with the no contact rule. It can really work in your favour to make you attractive to your ex again. Before you know it they will be the ones that are contacting you!

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