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Why Does My Ex Still Text Me? - The Truth
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Why Does My Ex Still Text Me?  -  The Truth

Why does my ex still text me? is a common enough question asked by those who have been dumped or vice versa. One minute your ex could be acting as if they do not care about you at all, the next they are texting you as if you have never broken up. It is more than a little confusing, so this article will clear up why your ex is texting you.

Texting has become commonplace in the age of technology. What used to seem foreign now seems impossible to live without. While you and your ex were dating, you exchanged texts on a regular basis, and you went crazy if you left your phone at home or at your desk.

After your ex chose to end your relationship, you probably assumed that your text-crazy conversations would come to a natural end. No matter how well or poorly a breakup goes, you expect a certain amount of silence on the part of your ex, and you were probably counting on an over-abundance of peace and quiet. As you sit there trying to decide what to do with your day, the vibration alert on your cell phone suddenly goes off. It's your ex - and they're texting you out of the blue and completely defying your expectations.

Is there a hidden meaning behind your ex's continued contact? Why is your ex texting you after they chose to end things? Should you read between the lines and assume there's something more happening under the surface, or just chalk it up to a friendly attempt to say hello? What does continual contact from your ex mean - or are you just allowing your imagination to run away with you in the wake of emotional stress following a breakup that you neither wanted nor expected to have to face?

What is your Ex Really After?

Don't assume that your ex is suddenly and innocently interested in carrying a conversation with you post breakup. They obviously have something on their mind. They may insist that they're concerned about you and they want to check in and see how you're doing. The truth of the matter is a lot less pristine. If your ex is insisting on not only contacting you, but initiating that contact, they have an ulterior motive in mind - and it's usually to either keep an eye on you, or try to keep you around for one reason or another.

Resist the urge to immediately jump to conclusions. Just because your ex has sent a few messages does not mean that the breakup is automatically on hold and you can start planning for a renewed relationship any moment. They are, however, leaving the door of opportunity open for whatever may be on the horizon. Initially, the contact may seem innocent. They may have something on their mind. They may want to ask you a question - or they may just want a quick hookup to pass the time.

Don't expect your ex to be forthcoming with their reasons, either. They've got a long list of excuses, just in case you ask. More often than not, they may not be aware of why they're contacting you either - they just reached for the phone and sent a message to a familiar number, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

There are two things you can count on, however - without going off the deep end of your imagination. Your ex clearly misses having you as a part of your life. On top of that, they've been thinking about you - for a long enough amount of time to warrant reaching out and establishing contact without waiting for you to make the first move. No matter what else is going on beneath the surface, their message isn't a simple effort to check in. Something more is happening, whether they're aware of what that is or not. Regardless of the reason, your ex probably has something more in mind. Instead of playing a guessing game without any easy answers, take things one step at a time and wait to see how things develop.

How Often is your Ex Texting You?

If your ex only sends you one or two messages and the gist of the text pertains to something that could be innocent, don't drive yourself crazy by trying to figure out what's really going on. They may just have something to ask you, or they've realized something that they've left behind in your possession. There are valid reasons to initiate contact, but chances are high that if the texts are more regular, there is a not-so-innocent reason beneath the surface.

If you're having a bit of trouble telling the difference, there are some pretty concrete clues that could shed some light on a confusing scenario. If your ex seems to be flirting with you randomly or if they're asking a lot of leading questions, there's something more going on. They're probably trying to determine where you stand - and whether or not they have a chance to move forward with whatever they have in mind. If you want to win your ex back then you will have to give them some positive signals at this stage.

When Were the Texts Sent?

Not all times of day can be considered equal when it comes to contact with an ex. If the texts predominantly come at night, it's probable that they're sitting at home, lonely, wanting someone to talk to. This is even truer if the majority of your contact as you were dating took place at night. They're missing that connection and they don't know how to handle being alone - even if the breakup was all of their idea in the first place.

If they mostly text on downtime during the weekends, they probably are unsure which direction to turn. They may subconsciously be reaching out for guidance from the one person that they still relate to the most - and trust implicitly. No matter how much they insist that life is good, there's something missing from their day-to-day reality, and they don't know how to cope. They may be trying to reassure themselves that they made the right decision - and that they're capable of moving on without you.

For now, however, your ex is unable to move forward without a little reassurance. They may be testing the limits to see if they can get a reaction. What you do in response could ultimately make or break your opportunity to get back together, and that's part of the reason that it is so vital that you keep your cool, relax and not let them provoke you needlessly.

How Should You Respond?

If you want to get your relationship back, your best bet is probably to not do anything. You don't want them to get the impression that you've been waiting by the phone, hoping for a second chance. Even though they initiated the contact, they're waiting to see where you stand - and if you appear desperate, they're going to take off running, and probably never look back.

You're never going to get your relationship back via text alone. You need to come up with a concrete plan of action - one that is going to move you forward and help you avoid a lot of common mistakes that could set you back. By being prepared and staying focused, you can easily move along the path of reconciliation and win back your ex's heart without frightening them away for good.

What's Next?

Now you have some understanding why your ex is texting you, it is time to do something about it. If you want your ex back then there are certain ways to go about it that are proven to work. These strategies are based upon the psychology of the opposite sex and how they behave during break ups.

You will need to know all about contact with your ex and how to pull it off to make them want and desire you more. You will also have to look out for some of the key signs your ex loves you. Then you will be on the right track to win back their affections.

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