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Why Is My Ex Boyfriend Suddenly Ignoring Me? - The Truth
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Why Is My Ex Boyfriend Suddenly Ignoring Me?  -  The Truth

When your ex boyfriend is ignoring you, things can seem incredibly bleak. This is compounded by the fact that you are used to talking to him every day and sharing experiences, worries and your dreams. When that communication suddenly disappears overnight you can ask yourself what has happened? You might think that it is something that you have done wrong and start going over in your head the last words you said to him. When you hit a brick wall in confusion, it is time to dig a little deeper and start looking at things from his perspective.

First of all, the first thing you shouldn't be doing is to stalk him online in a desperate attempt to get some information out of him. If he is ignoring you, the last thing he will be doing is to leave clues on his Facebook wall about the reasons why. He has disappeared for a reason, so looking for clues is really not going to get you anywhere here.

Apart from the fact that cyber stalking him is a bad idea for you, it can also make you seem out of control and desperate. If he wants to stay away from you now, think about how much more he will try to avoid you when he thinks that you are stalking him for answers. You have to try to have a little discipline here and think before you act. I know that it is a time of great stress and confusion for you, but if you act rashly, you could make his no contact a permanent thing.

Why He Is Ignoring You

The reason why your ex boyfriend is ignoring you could be as simple as he has moved on. This however is rarely the case, especially if the disconnection was rather abrupt and unexpected. Think back to how things ended between you two. Was he hurt, angry or betrayed? He could well be trying to impose a feeling of loss on you to hurt you and make you realise that you still have feelings for him.

He might also be doing it because he just doesn't know what else to do. If he broke up with you and feels guilty about it, he might be trying to avoid leading you on by carrying on contact with you. He may find it awkward and doesn't know what to say, so he thinks it is easier to just stay away.

The Good Things About No Contact

It might not seem like it now, but there are some good aspects of this sudden no contact with your ex boyfriend. Take this time to reflect on what has happened, your break up and what you really want from the future. Do you want to get him back? If so then you will have to do things a lot differently to what you are doing now. The information in this article and beyond will help you achieve this if you try to implement the advice.

If your break up occurred a shot time ago, having no contact with your ex boyfriend right now is beneficial to you both, he probably knows this himself. When you first break up, emotions will be at an all time high and you will probably be at each other's throats. You intrinsically know that this is no good for you. It can leave you even more hurt and exasperated as time goes on. That is why this break in contact is a more healthy way for you both to proceed. The longer you continue saying spiteful of hurtful things to each other, the more damage you will ultimately cause to your chances of getting back together.

You should now be using this as an opportunity to focus on getting him back. Read as much as you can about the male psyche and relationship dynamics. When you have a good grasp of why men act the way that they do, you will be in a much stronger position to make him want you back. Even though you may not like it very much, just go with it right now, you can't make him talk to you after all. If he sees that you are not respecting his decision or privacy, he will resent you all the more.

It is also the perfect time for you to start focusing on yourself. This has been a very volatile and emotional experience for you and you really need to deal with these emotions in a healthy way to be able to move on. Do something that you love to do, get back in touch with old friends, bond with your family. He is not your whole world and he needs to see this as well.

Instigating Contact Again

Even though it seems like you would give anything to hear from him at the moment, this will not always be the case. This feeling will eventually fade in you and he will not be the first person that you want to call after having a hard day. That being said, you probably want to know when is the best time to reach out to him again after your period of no contact.

The secret is simple and one that you should believe is possible. After a long time with no contact with you, your ex boyfriend is probably feeling the same way that you do. He is missing you the same way that you are, it is only natural. Have you ever thought that it was possible that he was fighting the urge to get in touch with you too? Don't doubt it for a second.

For this reason, your ex boyfriend will probably stop ignoring you soon. He might even try to initiate conversation with you sooner than you think! It might happen in a few days or a few weeks, but he will eventually need to know how you are and what you have been up to. Curiosity is a powerful motivator and he will need to quench his thirst for knowledge.

But What If He Doesn't Get In Touch?

Well, if he doesn't get in touch with you after your long wait, you may have to think about instigating contact with him yourself. This is the best time to start looking at all of the viable options that you have at your disposal. It is crucial that you adopt the right tone and say the right things to him at this time or he will begin to get paranoid or wary of your intentions.

It is vital therefore that you only check in with him as a friend and nothing else. Keep the conversation light and laid back and for goodness sake, don't go into a longwinded briefing of everything that you have done in the last few weeks. If he wants to know how you have been and what you have been doing, he will ask you himself. By the same token, please do not ask him a barrage of leading questions and put him on the spot. If you do this, he will be less likely to want to talk to you again as it has been too stressful.

What you want to do instead is to make the whole experience a pleasant one. Show him what he has been missing and he will soon realise that being without you is not ideal. All that you have to do now is to act like his buddy, but don't be too friendly or he will expect that you have ulterior motives. The best way that you can do this is by text or email so that he has time to process it all. The last thing that you should be doing is to ring him up out of the blue, it is just too awkward and you will also get very nervous.

You have to be cool about it all and realise that there is a possibility that he will not reply to you, be prepared for this and do not let it set you back or hurt you. Be laid back and patient here, if he does not give you a quick reply he could also be testing you with how you react. Do not under any circumstances start sending him text after text asking him why he hasn't replied, you will sound ridiculous and he will want to stay away. You will also have undone all of your progress and hard work up until this point.

By seeming like you don't really care whether he answers you or not, it will ignite his interest in you and he will slowly warm to the notion of communicating with you again. He will also think that you might just be over him when you don't react badly to his slow responses, this will kick him into action, he won't like to entertain the thought that he has lost you for good. If you really do want to get him back then you have to have some hope.

Your Next Steps

First off, you have to avoid these post break up mistakes that most women are guilty of committing. These could actually be the reasons why your ex boyfriend is ignoring you in the first place. These actually push men away altogether, so avoiding them would be a wise idea.

Another thing that you should be doing is to turn the tables on him and make him want to contact you. When you gain a solid understanding of the no contact rule, you can easily achieve this and make the ignoring stop.

Aside from this, you will need to make him want you back. It can be hard to know where to start with this one, but it is possible if you go about it the right way.

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