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Why Is My Ex Still Texting Me? - You Might Be Surprised To Hear This
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Why Is My Ex Still Texting Me?  -  You Might Be Surprised To Hear This

The world of dating and relationships can be overwhelmingly confusing. These days, keeping in contact with an ex is not only easy due to social media, email and text messaging, but it's becoming more and more common as well. There are many avenues to keep in contact with an ex long after the relationship has come to an end. But why does your ex still text you? Does it mean something of significance? Does it mean that they miss you? Do they want you back, and that explains why they're reaching out? Or are they simply looking to establish a friendship to replace a former relationship you once shared?

Reasons for Communication Post Breakup

Interpreting these signals that are often unclear or mixed can be confusing - especially if the breakup was not your idea, nor did you want the relationship to end. It's easy to read into circumstances in order to find any shred of hope that your ex is regretting ending the relationship, and they might want you back. Balance that with a desire to be realistic, and not foster a sense of false hope, and it's easy to see why these mixed signals can trigger frustration, confusion and angst. Regardless of the specific reason in your case, if your ex is still keeping in contact after ending a relationship, it's clear that they're not done seeing you yet.

This does not mean, however, that they definitely want to get back together with you and act like the relationship never experienced a hiccup. Chances are that their intentions behind reaching out are more than just simple, friendly conversation. When it comes to ex's and past relationships, there is no such thing as casual small talk, or just simply making nice. Sharing an intimate relationship with someone over a period of time develops a bond between two people, and that bond doesn't disappear the second a relationship ends. If your ex is still in contact with you, it's more likely than not that they're experiencing some unresolved emotions toward you, and they're unsure of what to do with them.

If your ex was sincerely done with the relationship, over you and ready to move on, they would most likely not be talking to you at all. You would be a page of their history, and they'd be moving forward to what they believe to be bigger and better things. There would be no text messages, no voicemails, no random emails - they would simply be gone, and that would be the end of it. If your ex has made the decision to move on, any contact at all would be significantly and dramatically reduced - if it existed at all.

What Do they Want?

If they're still carrying on conversations with you post breakup, the simple answer is that you're still on their mind. Regardless of the fact that you are no longer "together" your ex is still interested in having you as a part of their everyday life - at least in some capacity. They may not know what capacity that is right now, so go for the moderate approach - they decide to string you along (at least temporarily) until they decide what to do with you. This keeps you effectively at arm's length - not as close as you were, when dating, but not out of reach completely either.

No matter how hard you may wish differently, your ex probably doesn't want you back - at least not at the moment. They're test driving their single life, and plan on experiencing it to the fullest. Keeping you close by, however, is designed to give them a fallback plan if things go south. If they fail to meet someone else, or decide that the single experience isn't for them, they feel like they can always go back to you if they keep you hanging on.

Responding to Their Messages

At this point in the game, responding to any messages left by your ex is probably a big mistake. If you participate in the game they've stuck you in unwittingly, you're doing nothing more than playing into the role that they've placed you in. If you answer texts or emails positively, you're just proving them right and establishing that they can get you back if they want to.

By ignoring their messages and not being available at their beck and call, your ex can get the message quickly that you may be moving on. They may feel as if you're already moving past the relationship and looking for better things. They may experience the same rejection that they forced on you when they ended the relationship in the first place. By not participating in their attempts to play the game, you're ensuring that their interest in you stays constant and can even be more pronounced over time.

If you're wondering why your ex is still trying to keep in contact with you, you probably want the answer to be that they're still interested. Maybe you've already tried to talk to them about getting back together. Maybe you've already pleaded with them to change their mind. As innocent as some random texts, emails or messages may seem, it betrays their interest in you even when they've ended a relationship. They are making every effort to keep this one line of communication open at all costs - to keep track of how you're managing without them.

If you truly want to get back together with your ex, don't leave it up to chance or fate. Don't fall into their trap, and don't fall victim to the games they try to play to string you along indefinitely until they can meet someone else. Instead, you should be focusing on your next course of action, and learning when you should take action - and how you can accomplish your goals of reestablishing that relationship.

The Next Step

Timing plays a critical and pivotal role in getting back together with your ex. If you move too quickly, the opposite of what you're looking for happens - you push them away, or frighten them out of a relationship with you for good. If you move too slowly, they may have moved on for good or decided that you're no longer interested. Knowing how and when to make your move is imperative to getting your ex back.

Knowing how to take action and when to approach them is vital and can make your chances of getting them back much higher. Above all, though, if your ex shows signs of moving on, let them. There's no point in trying to get back together with someone who's moved on. By paying attention to the signs ex is over you, you can avoid potentially embarrassing situations and keep your pride intact.

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