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Why Won't My Ex Talk To Me? - Find Out The Truth
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Why Won\'t My Ex Talk To Me?  -  Find Out The Truth

So, you find yourself in the awkward position where you want to talk to your ex, but your ex is completely blanking you. You have tried everything - phone calls, texts, Facebook, MSN, etc, but nothing seems to work. This can be hard to accept after being in a relationship where contact was never an issue. You may be wondering if it really is all over, if it's the end. You want to know why your ex won't talk to you.

What you have to do now is take a step back from the situation. Try to put yourself in the frame of mind that your ex is in right now. If you can do that, then you will know what the right angle to approach your ex from will be. Getting back with your ex isn't impossible if you take the time to gain the knowledge necessary to deal with the situation.

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make after being dumped is putting too much of an emphasis on their own feelings. They neglect to think about how their ex may be feeling. Despite the fact that your ex dumped you it is highly likely that they, like you, are hurting inside. Love doesn't just evaporate into thin air.

Trying to get in contact with your ex all the time after the breakup will drive them further away. Take a time out, refrain from trying to get in contact to give both you and your ex some breathing space. In the long run this will increase your chances of getting your ex back into your life. Your ex isn't talking to you now, but if you keep pushing there is a chance that they will never talk to you again.

Focus on putting yourself into your ex's frame of mind, try to look at the situation from their perspective. Once you are able to do this you will be in a better position to put what is wrong right, and make true progress towards your goal - getting your ex back.

Once you drop off your ex's radar they will start wondering where you disappeared to. Instead of worrying about you trying to get in contact, they will be wondering why you are not making any attempt to get in contact. This in turn will cause your ex to start questioning the breakup, and their reasons for wanting to breakup. Once you break the cycle of trying to get in contact after the breakup you will set the stage for the makeup.

Some possible reasons why your ex might not be talking to you-

They Are Hurt And Angry

The reason why your ex doesn't want to talk to you may have it's roots in something that happened before you two broke up. If there was a lead-up to the breakup and it didn't come out of the blue there is a possibility that you may have said or done something that hurt your ex. You need to reflect on your behavior prior to the breakup. Is there is something that you should have apologized for, but didn't? If that is the case then it is most likely the reason why your ex won't talk to you now. Now is the time to think back. All of us say things in the heat of the moment. Being able to own up and apologize is a sign of good character.

They Need Space

When someone says they need space it doesn't necessarily mean that they want to break up. If someone doesn't get any space then it may lead on to a breakup. If you were smothering your ex before the breakup then that may be the reason they decided to go through with it. Everybody needs the space to be an individual and do their own thing when need be. If you were constantly quizzing and keeping tabs on your ex before the breakup then you may have inadvertently caused it.

You Are Contacting Them Too Much

There is a fine line between trying to contact someone and being creepily obsessive. If you are sending your ex dozens of messages at all hours, ringing them constantly, pestering them on Facebook, etc, then your chances of getting them back are going to be slim. It is easy to forget oneself after the trauma of a breakup and engage in such behavior. Make sure you don't fall into this trap.

The above are just a few of the many reasons which would cause your ex not to talk to you. There are many more besides. If you really want to win your ex back then you will have to dig deeper and gain the knowledge necessary to put your relationship back on track.

What Do I Do Now?

Breaking up is never easy, but making up is always fun. If you want to get to the stage where you can make up with your ex then you will have to first learn how to avoid the common breakup mistakes that most people make.

It is also essential that you learn about the no contact rule and how it works. Must people are like bulls in china shops after a breakup. The best way back into your ex's heart is gentle persuasion that doesn't force them to make a decision.

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