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Five Messages That I Would Not Want To See On A Cake
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When I go grocery shopping, I pass the case filled with cakes, and I admire what I see there. Many beautiful cakes sit there, decorated with pretty colors and bearing messages such as "Congratulations!", "It's a Boy!", and "Good Luck". I love to see messages like these, and if it applied, I would love to receive a cake bearing one of these messages. If I received a cake, however, there are some messages that I would definitely not want to see.

One message that I would not want to see is "See me in my office." For a student or an employee, this message is usually bad news. In the case of a student, the teacher needs to talk to him about something, such as why his grades are dropping. A supervisor who wants to talk to his employee might want to ask the employee what is going on. He may have noticed that the employee has seemed distracted at work lately and wonders if there is something going on at home or if the worker's workload is too heavy. If I was a student, and I got this message, I would meet with my professor and explain what I am doing to improve my performance in class. I might tell him that I am meeting with a tutor regularly, and I might show him a stack of flashcards that I made to study for the upcoming test. If I were an employee, I would tell my supervisor that I am doing my best. I would also ask him what I could do to improve my performance. This is not the only message that I would not want to see on a cake, however.

Another message that I would not want to see is "I made this at 2 in the morning. Eat at your own risk!" This message would worry me, because lack of sleep can cause many unexpected things to happen. In the case of making a cake, the cook might misread the recipe and put in two tablespoons of an ingredient when the recipe called for two teaspoons of it, for example. I would therefore expect the cake to taste rather strange.

A third message that I would not want to see on a cake is the word "Oops!" Seeing this message, I would not know if it was meant to mean that there was something wrong with the cake or if it was meant as a cute way of apologizing for something. Seeing a message like that, I would want to find out what it meant before I cut myself a slice.

A fourth message that I would not want to see is the letter "F", meaning that I had failed at something. No one is perfect, and I am no exception. However, a message like that would definitely not make my day.

Finally, I would not want to see the words "You're fat" on a cake, because it would be insulting. At 4'10", I try very hard to watch my weight, and I would take this message to heart.

Cakes are wonderful, tasty treats to enjoy in moderation, and their messages, if they are good, can really brighten someone's day.

Street Talk

I like this. How about "Will you marry me?"

  about 8 years ago

Good one! Thanks for reading. :)

  about 8 years ago

I love cake, and I love frosting. Great article that has made me hungry, lol

  about 9 years ago

Thanks!! :) LOL

  about 9 years ago
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