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Get A Japanese Ip Address In Spain - Internet Freedom From Governments
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Get A Japanese Ip Address In Spain  -  Internet Freedom From Governments

Censorship and copyright are phrases that have been associated with one another more and more often in recent years. Although the United States and some other countries ultimately rejected their proposed copyright/censorship laws, other countries have not been so lucky. This is the case for Spain and it is beginning to be highly advantageous for people to get a Japanese IP address in Spain.

WikiLeaks has confirmed that in 2008, the United States was threatening to put Spain on the “Special 301” list, which identifies countries that have trade barriers for the United States. In fact, there has been suggestions of many occasions where the United States has used this list to pressure other countries into developing particular laws. In fact, many of the laws that the United States wants developed and enforced in other countries exceed those that are present in America.

It appears that the approach of the United States government has ultimately been successful in the case of Spain. Spain has recently passed its controversial copyright law, with politicians arguing that it represents an important step in the battle against piracy. But what does this step really mean?

Firstly, fighting people who download files illegally is always difficult, because most technical methods that are used to restrict this activity can be bypassed. People who download programs and media online tend to be very technically savvy, and as consequence, they find it very easy to get around any and all censorship.

The copyright law that has been developed in Spain will restrict the websites that people in Spain can access, and the people who feel the impact strongest will be those who do not do anything illegal online. All forms of censorship, no matter how noble their intentions, end up blocking much more than was originally intended and impeding the liberty of citizens.

Although censorship has become present in many countries, the ways around it are also prevalent. The best way by far is to use a VPN, which gives you the ability to change the way your IP address appears. This alters your entire online identity, getting you around censorship and protecting your data. It should be noted that using a VPN to change your IP address cannot be used for illegal activity. Time stamps and user accounts can be used to find abusive users. However, for privacy and security from censorship, VPNs are a great tool to have.

For example, a VPN will let you get a Japanese IP address in Spain. This IP address not only means you get around censorship, but it also gives you the ability to browse websites hosted in Japan that you would not normally have the ability to access.

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