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Leadership is not a genetic vocation, nor is there a chromosome genetic factor which science can study to explain the ongoing growth. In fact, quite the contrary, leadership is a comprised of multiple attributes, such as; visionary, passion, ambition, integrity, compassion, dedication, encouraging, motivating, and sociable skills. Therefore, anyone could bare these talents. When I look for leadership within the workplace, I identify person (s) with titles; however, I seek the individual (s) which stands out from the rest. Majority a people would migrate to the identified supervisor, or person designated to create employee direction.

Numerous readings along with previous personal experiences have taught me the importance of understanding. Understanding that everyone in position of management is not appropriate for such challenges. Therefore, I am not in favor of leadership trait theory. According to trait theory, “leaders are born not made”, and if we believe this to be true we alienate those aspiring change agents such as myself and all others.

Trait theory in my opinion is prejudice, and creates unrealistic pressure upon children of current or historic leaders. For example, consider the President of the United States, and his two daughters. Should the expectation be that Sasha and Malia are destined to be profound leaders of their time; merely because of Barack Obama’s leadership role? After all, being females both lack the “masculinity trait”. Leadership is not about gender, looks, and height; yet building long lasting rapports with persons with similar visions for the betterment of mankind.

Effective workplace communication is the leadership’s ability to communicate to the entire organization, respectfully, and consistently. Conceivably the assumption by many, including managerial staff is, that communication is relatively easy to accomplish. But it continues to prove a challenging task for members and leaders of all levels, and is assumed to be most underexploited. In “Leading Change”, Kotter, affirms that in the average organization only 0.6 percent of communication market share. Meaning the vision of the particular organization is expressed through words with low percentage. Perhaps this is a result of poor communication skills, or lack of knowledge of agency vision.

Frontrunners should be able to measure their accomplishment of effective workplace communication at all levels, including intra departmental from an influential approach. The easiest way to identify success factors, all staff should clearly understand the organizations mission, values, vision, strategy, e.g. strategic planning, institution goals and objectives, and individual roles and responsibilities; as well as innovation for restructuring. In accomplishing these challenges, I incorporate repetition, various channels, simplicity, and I lead by example. Repetition, I reiterate messages for processing, and I sometimes use analogies, or metaphors to convey my point. Some learn with hands on or audio, while others require visual aids.

Establishing, e.g. shaping the organizational culture requires consistent and positive behavior. Therefore, my verbal expression must mirror my attitude and behavior. Channels, relying on one source of communication will prove disastrous. I use email, memorandums, face-to-face, notes, and clinical update meetings to request information, and share information with all staff. Simplicity, often times management use executive jargon which is unfamiliar to employees.

Making certain not to make this mistake, learn to speak with superiors; as well as colleague’s in easy to comprehend terms. Never talk at someone, it indirectly implies they lack knowledge and its aggressive. Most organizations seek to hire individuals whom possess superior communication skills. Furthermore, communication is not only crucial in the workplace, but takes forethought. Some strengths surrounding my leadership communication style, attentive listening, detail oriented, timely, reliable, observant, encourage feedback and input, repetitious, and honest.

But I'm prone to utilize repetition, this allows me the opportunity to make certain I understand what has been said to me; as well as clarify any misrepresentation of information. Some of my weaknesses, I tend to overlook the immediate needs of particular individuals, I sometimes assume the process of information by others, and lack of awareness regarding body language. For instance, if I’m tired and have to conduct peer reviews, I notice I hold my forehead a lot, my breathing is hast, I avoid eye contact, and my posture is poor. Thus sending the non-verbal message, that I’m not interested in what’s going on.

Leadership is about self-awareness; therefore, I conduct regular personal inventories in order to improve my communication. Realizing that within any workplace you must work collaboratively with colleague's, clients, and management to build upon existing strengths. This provides opportunity to work towards eliminating existing weaknesses. In doing so team members can utilize weekly individual supervision to develop an employee improvement plan.

Developing an (EIP) will allow all parties of interest to identify areas needing professional growth, set doable goals, and objectives with target dates. Although (EIP’s) are normally the preferred managerial tool used to outline, and address poor performance of employees. My purpose and intent associated with using this performance improvement tool makes this a strategic plan of enhancement. A plan of corrective action need not be lengthy; yet beneficial; furthermore, it’s an easy evaluation tool of outcome, employee progress, and can be used for quarterly employee evaluation.

The best leadership theory which describes me currently is situational and democratic. I believe in meeting individuals where they are, while motivating and encouraging them to aspire to grow. Complacency is something I have little tolerance for, but understanding the circumstances of people allows understanding and development of a motivating plan tailored specifically to their needs. Motivation is not a one size fits all. Personal experiences of past employment have taught me to never discount someone’s abilities.

Ideas are developed within all persons, actively seeking input from all members makes for a better outcome. All situations don’t call for the same person to sphere head the projects. Every member of the organizational team brought a unique innovative ability to the culture. After all, isn’t that why you hired them, as opposed to the other applicants? Laissez-faire, this being my personal preferred leadership style because it reflects management trust in staff ability to follow directives, and complete all assigned duties within their scope of practice. Buddha coined the phrase “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Leaders must learn to motivate on a situational basis, and not a managers rule book of do’s and dont’s. As stated in previous articles, everything must have a mode of procedure. Moreover, someone needs to own the process and follow it for possible restructuring.

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