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Simple Information Management
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Simple Information Management

This year is the year of information. Every day 2 billion new articles are indexed by Google. Everyone is writing about something and publishing on the internet and Google reaches it in record time. If you need to find information about something all you have to do is to search Google and you got it. The disadvantage is that most of the times you get low quality websites such as pages written by authors who know nothing about the subject and want to make a quick buck with paid links...

The first problem with information management is to manage your online searches. There will be times that you will search the same keyword over and over again to find the same page. The solution to this problem is to use your bookmarks or favorites and save the most important pages. Nothing beats your computer in terms of search speed so use your desktop as the source of information and only then use the internet.

Second problem, you have too many communication channels and to track everything you need to login with too many passwords and use too many search boxes. The solution is to merge all your communication channels into just one single channel. Forward all your email addresses to the main inbox and those emails that do not have free POP3 just delete them and start a new Gmail account and forward it as well.

Next, you have to deal with too much desktop information, too many documents, presentations, spreadsheets, yu are going crazy. The solution is to never organize that information by hand, instead, leave information organization to virtual folders that are able to filter your files based on your search queries and also filetypes. Virtual folders are many times faster at managing your files than you will ever be.

The ultimate information system is the one that puts all information available at the speed of typing or even faster at the speed of clicking.

People are opening files by typing words in the search boxes but what if they could save their searches, browse the search history and click the keywords they wanted to type and reach information instantly? This system has never been tried by anyone and maybe it is the future of information who knows. Such software could also give you related searches to improve your matching capabilities even better.

Hard disk storage capacity doubles every year so ten years from now hard disks will be able to save one hundred times more information making search even more important than what it already is. Let's stay around and see what will happen to digital information.

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