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Three Common Stages In Humans
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I believe that in life every human being goes through three stages. The wish, want, and desire stages. I believe that these stages can either help you or get you into trouble.The first stage the wish stage is the most harmless. A wish can be something as small as a piece of chocolate to something as big as a house. Humans wish everyday some come true while others not so much.

The want stage is where it can get dangerous because now what was a dream at the wish stage now can become a reality. This is where you can get into trouble because wants can pull at you for so long till you actually go out and get it.

The reasons wants are so bad is because depending on what you want there are steps to get it. If it’s expensive you might need to rob a bank. If it’s some ones boyfriend or girlfriend you might need to fight. Wants are not as attainable as one might think.

The last stage is the desire stage this stage is the most dangerous and hardest to resist. The desire stage is the one you can't live without this stage could cause people to do harm to themselves or others. They say a desire is like a drug and shares all the same symptoms including the big withdrawal symptom.

I believe that everyone has these three stages embedded in them but we can turn them off by thinking before we do. Working hard for what we want so we can see the value of it. Last but not least we can keep the mind at rest by exceeding the brain with reading books or watching sports or everyday activities that keep us sane.

Let’s face it in a recession many people want a lot of what is out their but when the economy is down people chose needs over wants. This doesn’t mean that the want doesn’t creep up on them but necessities are what we need to survive and most will chose it.

Even though the world is in a recession this doesn’t mean that all those new cool things aren’t out there. But most people chose their lives and families over cool new items due to this affect sales are decreasing and items are staying on the shelve longer. This is a bad thing for the poor but the rich benefit because of the good deals and low prices.

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