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Workplace Communication
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The ability to understand, express, and empathize with the human universe relies heavily on the process of communication within a particular organization. While the role of specific purpose may be different, the characteristics and application of the linguistic skills are uniquely correlated to one another. If we examine any realm of society the communication paradigm globally would be diverse; yet critical in the daily functioning of society. In the organizational culture of today's time, communication presents a never ending challenge for members.

Identified marginalization surrounding organization appropriate approach; functional, meaning-centered, or emerging perspective could assist in eradicating organizational communication barriers. Strong communication skills ensure beneficial analysis of organizations effectiveness, and proficiency aligned with specific mission, Furthermore, it allows specific and detailed evaluation of "organizational situations, experiences, and problems (Zakak, p. 28, 2011). Within my current organization multiple communication defects exist.

The day to day functions of an outpatient medication assisted therapy clinic rely on the comprehensive communication in person charged with assisting the suffering addict. Successful communication within my organization is challenging for all members, management, and patients. With a current utilization of 589 clients, and 21 members, we lack cohesion within our competence of communication. Impacting factors of successful communication consist of member personalities, positions, assigned roles, and gender differences; which contribute to the linguistic breakdown. Within improving company communication, we must also consider the overlapping personalities within the workplace.

The mixture of professional personalities tend to work against the goal of organizational productivity, as some members disagree with the decision making process, primarily because of exclusion. Our immediate supervisor lack both compassion, and awareness of self. The combination of power ego’s, cultural differences, along with disregard for organizational structure enables poor institution outcomes. Persistent institutional department interference result in misunderstood information during the delivery process through various channels.

The use of both formal and informal patterns lack structure according to organization policies, with emphasis on following the chain of command. Therapeutic decisions become conflicted as a direct result of poor communication, and intervention treatment opportunities either fail, or are overlooked. Communication is to any organizational culture, as oxygen is to the human being; it’s the lifeline to survival. Every member should at all times be equally informed, depending on the presenting situation, but never at an information disadvantage.

Communication is marginalized within my organization, however; unintentional, but damaging to the goals and objectives. Restructuring of internal functioning is met with resistance as a direct result of poor communication. As learned in the various readings, communication is a process requiring a team effort in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. The most important key to effective communication is to own the process. The responsibility of enabling organizational communication longevity is the responsibility of everyone, individually, group, position, and external monitors. As reflected in the provided example poor communication within any organization ultimately have serious impacts.

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