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Computer Flight Simulator - What Makes Them Quality
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Computer Flight Simulator  -  What Makes Them Quality

Imagine being able to fly any plane that you want and to go any where you want. Wouldn't that be grand. With flight simulators that can become a reality. Flight simulators are amazing. . They usually run on computers which adds its major fun factor. They let you control the skies all while learning all about how air crafts function. However, not all flight simulators are grand. If you want to control the skies like a boss, then you'll want a quality simulator. Here are four points on what makes a quality computer flight simulator.

1. A Quality Flight Simulator Should Be Realistic

This goes without saying. A flight sim must be realistic for it be worth while. It should have realistic training on how to operate a specific plane. Planes should have a realistic appearance and functionality. They should have realistic physics working for them and against them so that the pilot can assess and adjust to real time situations. The landscaping doesn't have to be real, but it is a big plus if it does. If it has these qualities then we move on to #2.

2. A Quality Flight Simulator Should Have a Wide Assortment Of Air crafts available

Again, it goes without saying. A flight sim should give the user a variety of planes to choose from. Beechcraft 99, B-29 Superfortress, Boeing 747, Mach 10, you name it, it should be included. A quality flight simulator for the pc should even include the first airplane ever made as an unlockable option although this might not be accurate but mostly for fun.

3. A Quality Flight Simulator Should Have Accurate Instruments For Added Realism

The instruments that are included should work and function as they normally would in real life. This gives the user better preparation for realistic flying. Everything from air gauges, to radios should function as they normally would. If it lags in real life, it should lag in the simulator.

4. A Quality Flight Simulator Should Add Excitement To The Users Experience

Like the feeling you get from physically flying, you should expect to feel the same emotional and mental effect from a simulator. Enough Said.

Ok! We've established what makes a quality computer flight simulator. A quality flight simulator adds excitement to the user experience. It has an wide assortment of air crafts to train with. It has accurate operating instruments for added realism. Most importantly it has a realistic engine working under the hood. If your computer flight simulator has all of these characteristics then you can believe that it is indeed-quality.

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