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Dungeon Leveling A Warrior In Wow
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Dungeon Leveling A Warrior In Wow

An oft-debated topic in WoW now for leveling a warrior - and any class, for that matter - is dungeon leveling. You'll hear about people who love it, and people who hate it. Here are some reasons you might want to use the dungeon finder system to level a warrior in WoW.

1. If you're a tank, instant queue times

Tanks are the most in-demand of all the classes in WoW when it comes to the dungeon finder queue. If you're tank specced and you know how to tank well, you can get instant queue times and efficiently get through each dungeon - provided, of course that you get a capable healer.

The queue time is definitely lowest for tanks.

2. Saves you having to go through each zone

Obviously, you could just sit in Orgrimmar or Stormwind all day, continually queuing for dungeons, and rapidly gain levels. This is a great way to level because it will also teach you about how to play your class well in a group.

3. Quick and easy

The most plain benefit of leveling a warrior in WoW through the dungeon finder system is how fast and easy it is. Press a button, get in the queue, get your dungeon.

Downsides of the dungeon finder system for leveling include:

1. PuG factors

Going with a PuG to do a dungeon is always sketchy. You never know when you'll get a bad healer, or one of those annoying DPSers who pulls aggro off you constantly. You might end up with bad groupmates repeatedly if you use the dungeon finder system to level.

2. You don't get to explore

Obviously, you can't explore the richness of Azeroth if you're only leveling through dungeons. You will also miss out leveling important professions like mining, herbalism, or skinning. It will be harder to level these things up when you're in a dungeon.

3. Less profitable

It is arguably less profitable to level through the dungeon finder system as a warrior. You may find that you aren't collecting as much loot through dungeons as you would if you were gathering out in the regular world zones.

However, you might find that by running enough dungeons and selling the shards you get from disenchanting items, that your money is increasing quite a bit. If you do sell your shards on the AH, you can make a decent profit from this strategy of leveling.

Ultimately, how you level your warrior in WoW Cataclysm is up to you. Try a mix of each strategy and see what works best for you.

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