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Be Social!

MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game is a game genre designed to encourage people to play together, to be a social animal. So, the more people you play with, the better entertainment you will get. In addition, playing with a lot of gamers, you can play a game more easier that playing alone. Not only it helps you gains more experience, it rewards you with more gold too. In Guild Wars 2, questing with somebody else will not affect the reward you get, but it significantly reduce the time to complete the quest. A lot of times that you enter a new quest you have never heard of before, you will not know what is the shortest way to complete that quest. But another player can show you how to do it. They may share the amount of experience you receive, but they kill extra monsters too.

Be Prepared!

Before accepting any quests, you have to prepare yourself first like a favorite quote from Sun Xu, the famous Chinese strategist “know enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” If you would like to take a quest that have to kill multiple monsters, you have to suit up with damage booster armor. By Studying monsters weak point, movement, and the best gear to kill that monsters, you can slay them a lot quicker. Some quest is not worth enough because it takes too much effort and long time, or you cannot achieve it at the moment. It's better to avoid this kind of quest until the day you are ready for it. Many times that you can complete multiple quests at one time. In fact, complete many quests at the same time will encourage you to go on questing too because it will reward you with massive gold and item, rather than a little reward from one quest.

Be focused!

The distraction is one of the major problem for player who does not succeed in farming Guild Wars 2 gold from questing. You have to keep in mind all the times: what is the objective of this quest, what is the best way to complete it, and always focus on this plan. Keep remembering that you do not have to take down every monsters you have found while you are questing. It will not help you complete the objective faster. On the other hand, it will slow you down instead. There are another 2 things that you need to concentrate on questing aparting from the objective. First is the circular route. The idea of this route is to do the quest in circle. You begin the route with quest giver, and end your route with quest giver. This idea helps you reduce traveling time a lot, and most of questing players waste too much time on it. Second is materials. While you are questing, you usually find value materials that can be sold in high price at the trading post later on.

These are all 3 basics things you need to keep in mind for the most effective questings. The main purpose of them is to spend time on questing as less as possible, and get more gold as mush as possible too. If you are able to perform them while you are questing, I guarantee you that your pocket will be full of Guild Wars 2 gold for sure. Also, there are many good farming routes that you can earn both level and cash at the same time. In Bloodtide Coast for example, it is the level 45-55 zone where you can farm a lot of value materials.

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