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Having Fun Playing Video Games
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Are you having fun playing video games online using your computer or do you need an xbox360 to have fun while playing video games?

I know several people that play video games on their pc or mac and they seem to have as much fun as anyone using the xbox 360 or even a playstation. Having fun playing the video game seems to be the major attraction, be it a pc, xbox or what ever.

Being an ol foggy, I remember when the first video games came out for the computer at that time, it was pacman. don't laugh, we had lots fo fun playing that socalled video game in those days. Trying to get the highest score was a challenge we all enjoyed.

Then came the better enhanced video games such as Doom, Doom2, Alone in the Dark ,one of my early favorites. Later on in the year came Mortal Kombat, a real challenge for the average game player.

Again, It was all about having fun playing the video game at that time. Only on the pc at that time of my life.

Then came the playstation, xbox360 and other methods of playing video games. The graphics improved to the point that now it is hard to tell if it is a movie or a well made game you are watching and having even more fun playing. The games are so realistic you almost feel you are in there too.

Are you having fun playing those video games? Would you like to be the person writing those games to be sold? There seems to be a big market for video game programmers, if that is the right phrase to use. Just think, you could write the games and then get to play them to get the bugs out, what fun would that be?

Having fun palying video games has created many online companies to offer to the public both free and paid video games. Now the problem is to get the one that is fun and challenging. The other question is who offers the best games and best deals.Some will let you play the game for an hour or so to see if it is worth purchasing.

But the main idea is to have the customer play a video game and have fun playing, not to get frustrated and give up. So having fun playing a video game seems to be the way to promote the company.

I have had fun playing video games for a number of years now and I still prefer the games for a pc.



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