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How To Farm In Diablo 3
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How to Farm In Diablo 3

As every Diablo 3 player knows, loot and gear are important (if not the most important) aspects of the game. As a result, it is vital for players to know how to farm in Diablo 3 and where they can farm effectively in order to obtain good gear. In this article, I would like to share a few farming locations that have served me well since the game’s release.

First, the Fields of Slaughter make for a great farming spot because of its high density of monsters. There is also a good chance of multiple rare and champion packs spawning, which means more potential for better loot. It is also important to note an interesting shift between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 – farming runs are no longer based on boss monsters, but on normal ones. So now, in Diablo 3, farming is about finding the greatest number of monsters in the smallest area and tearing through them quickly. That is what makes the Fields of Slaughter a great place to farm.

Secondly – and this one is my personal favorite – there is Whimsyshire. Whimsyshire is a great place to farm for gear, as the drop rate for magic and rare items appears significantly higher here. And who does not love fighting care bears and unicorns while gathering loot? The only potential problem with this location is getting in. It is a bit complicated, and it takes some time and money. In the end, though, I think it is worth it.

It is convenient, too, that in order to get into Whimsyshire you need an item found in the Frost Caverns, which are only accessible from the Fields of Slaughter. So you could essentially “farm” one place (Fields of Slaughter/Frost Caverns) while trying to gain access to another (Whimsyshire).

Other noteworthy farming locations are the Cathedral (level 4), the Realm of Shadow, and the Heart of Sin circles. These locations may be more ideal for gold farming, though, considering the exceptionally high number of lower-leveled monsters they have. I have only discussed a few efficient farming locations; there are more of them out there. I recommend that you make sure you are taking the right gear with you when you farm, otherwise you may be missing out on many rare items. Also, if you are farming to sell the loot in one of the two Auction Houses, educate yourself on a few Auction House strategies so that you will get the most money for your hard work. It would not be fair to you if you spend hours farming only to get a small return.

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