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Ahhhh! The controversial world of Video Games. Some people believe video games are for kids. Although that way of thinking is coming to an end with the rapid advancement of technology I myself remember pong on our Atari then the Atari 5200 then Nintendo Sega oops and that other system that never caught on. Graphics that just kept getting better. Them came Computers somewhere in There D.O.S operating systems. Fun!

Now time to stop reminiscing. Look at the advancement over the last 35 years. The first 3D game Dragon Slayer. Mac who ever thought they would still be around (Glad They Are).Cell phones how did we ever get along without them.notebook computers to take your games everywhere. Wi-fi to play anywhere.

Simulators are grate. Training our Troops, Police, Pilots, Truck Drivers and I'm sure a lot more. These simulators evolve to become our "first" player games. We "play" these games for fun. Most of the time not realizing were actually training ourselves hand eye coordination, aiming, how to read gages, set flaps, what club for what shot on and on. Just think about what games your allow your child to play, because they pick it up quickly and Some games are actually good for them depending what they want to be in life overall they improve there hand eye skills, quick thinking in jams and something for them to beat you at.

In conclusion I say this is not about stopping anyone from playing or right games from wrong games lets all just have FUN. and pick up a little extra training.

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Lots of Games

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