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Mount And Blade Review - Hands On Analysis
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Looking for adventure? Looking for an open world which is free to roam about in and explore? Want to be your own master and decide who you fight for and how you fight? Look no further than Mount & Blade.The first time I stumbled across this game it captivated my imagination. The control scheme is brilliant, allowing for tightly controlled, timed, and efficient combat technique.

The premise of the game is very simple and straightforward. You are an adventurer who has just arrived in the land of Calradia. You pick out a face and customize it along with some starting background information that will provide your beginning statistics for the start of the game. Once this has been selected, your character is generated and you are dropped into the midst of the world of Calradia right next to a training field. For those who are new to the game, I highly recommend stopping by the training field and learning the basic combat controls.

Combat itself is actually a simple system, however mastering it requires precise timing and orientation. The basic scheme is:

  • left click + directions attacks
  • right click + direction blocks

The game allows overhead strikes, strikes from the sides and thrusts. The swordfights are quite intense, especially when facing multiple opponents. The computer has a tendency of ganging up upon you especially in arena fights. This leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment when you successfully emerge from a seemingly impossible battle victorious.

Perhaps the most addicting aspect of this game is the control scheme for mounted combat. Taleworlds, the developer, outdid themselves. Mounted combat is an exhilirating experience. Essentially you urge your horse forward into a gallop and then utilize a wide variety of weapons ranging from lances, swords, bows, and javelins. The player is able to control the horse's movement with the movement keys and the camera with the mouse just like a regular shooter, smashing through formations of infantry at the head of cavalry charges and raining arrows down upon your foes from your steed.

In addition to combat, you are able to raise your own band of troops and give them combat commands ranging from holding defensive positions to charging along with you. While most regular battles don't require too much micromanagement, in the interest of preserving your troops it is wise to have them hold a defensive position when facing superior forces.

The game provides many small quests which you can pursue at your leisure as well as several factions which you can join and become a lord within. The only major issues I have with the game is the lack of any real plot, as it is entirely driven by your own choices. However the endless opportunity for combat makes up for this. There is nothing like being the scourge of the battlefield, renowned and feared across the entirety of the land!

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