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Plants Vs Zombies Toys Are Hot Collectibles
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Do you love the Plants vs. Zombies game from Popcap? It’s one of the hottest games on the market and soon there will also be a Plants vs. Zombies 2 released! With that in mind, there is also lots of fun Plants vs. Zombies toys and collectibles any fan of the game is bound to desire!

First, there’s a set of Plants vs. Zombies toys 10 action figures designed by Metaplasmico from Deviant art! This set is very detailed and looks just like the famous creatures from the game. There are all your favorites, including the pea shooter, Sunflower, Watermelon, and all the bad guy zombies too! They all come in their own little plant pots. You can use them to guard your desk or line them up in your garden for a realistic charm!

Whatever you do with this set of Plants vs. Zombies toys, you can’t buy them anywhere except online, so you better snatch these up in a hurry!

If you are a true Plants vs. Zombies fan you will also want some of the themed clothing that’s available out there online! There are several kinds of 100 percent cotton t-shirts with some of the designs represented featuring a hand popping out of the ground clutching a Plants vs. Zombies sign, a zombie head declaring that “your grass is mine!” and a zombie with a mustached saying “ask me about mustache mode.” All are washable in the washing machine and are super comfortable to wear.

Got kids that love the Plants vs. Zombies toys and games? There are also children’s hand painted themed shoes, hats, and more. You can even get your “little zombies” a set of Plants vs. Zombies plush toys too. These stuffed animal style toys are hard to come by, so don’t waste time searching for them outside of the Internet, because you will only find them online.

These toys and clothing items are super collectable and bound to be the hit of your game room. Your buddies will be envious and will ask you where you got them. Plus, you could even put them in cases and wait for them to grow in value!

All in all, the Plants vs. Zombies toys and games are pretty cool for fans to own, but they're pretty hard to find. They're basically non-existent in stores, and even finding them online is difficult. There's used to be a Popcap Plants vs Zombies shop, but it has been since closed down, and whatever items are available on the Internet are usually by individual sellers, or fans making toys and clothes themselves - so all this Plants vs. Zombies merchandise is pretty hard to get a hold of. For now, fans will have to wait for Popcap to re-open their shop, or settle for the bits and pieces they can scour for from different sources around the Internet

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