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TOP 5 Most Influential Video Games Of All Time
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TOP 5 Most Influential Video Games Of All Time

Today we are witnessing countless online video games, then different and latest versions of the Play Station, Xbox and much more. But does anybody know on which way video games will evolve?

Well, who can say, there are a million versions, and at the moment we are witnessing expansion of 3D who are the most popular and children are so infected with them so you cannot even for 5 minutes take them away from the computer.

And who is the only one to blame for all this? See where the beginnings of the first video games are and what they were then, and how they are now. Regardless, their goal has always been entertaining and creating dependency. Perhaps this article will remind you of your childhood when you were dazzling all day before your Nintendo. So, go ahead, read:

5. Mario Bros.

Developed by Nintendo, the game Mario Bros. appears in 1983. It is surprising that at the beginning game has been successful only in Japan and critics hadn’t a good opinion about the game. However, Mario opens the way for Nintendo next video games. Mario in the game has a role of a plumber, and here is also and Luigi.

The player controls Mario or Luigi, who are investigating the pipes of New York after strange creatures appeared. The goal is to destroy these creatures in each level. Mario just runs and jumps, so you have to jump on enemies to stun them and then dump it over them and destroy them.

4. Space Invaders

This game have been created in Japan and sold from company Taito in 1978. This game is the predecessor of modern video gaming and helped to define the background of the battle space.

The player controls a small tower pushing her horizontally along the bottom of the screen and firing at enemy. You need to defeat five rows of 11 aliens that move horizontally and slowly descend down. Points are gained when you kill the enemy. The more enemies killed the music and their movement speeds. More and more difficult levels are coming, which can last endlessly.

3. Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a Nintendo game and has created in 1981. The game becomes famous in North America and has a major impact on development of future video games. With this game, Nintendo took over the market with video games in the 80s and early 90s.

The player controls "the jumper" who is trying to save a girl from the clutches of a terrible monkey. Player must pass through several stages of ladders and slides, while avoiding barrels and other hazards. When he reaches the top of the screen and touches the girl goes into the next level. After three levels, follows the fight with monkey to save the girl from captivity.

2. PAC-Man

PAC-Man was created by "Nam-co" and released in Japan in 1980. Has become popular around the world and represent synonymous for video games in general. At a time when most games were with spaceships PAC-Man creates a whole new generation of video games.

The objective of the game is to eat the dots on the road. When you eat all the dots on the screen, it goes to another level. The player has chased from four enemies in the form of spirits, that if they touch it PAC-Man loses life. When PAC-Man will eat a big dot, the spirit becomes blue and becomes slower for short. Then PAC-Man have ability to eat the ghosts for extra points.

1. Pong

Tennis is a tennis game and one of the oldest of its kind, and first that attracted attention of the public. Developed by Atari and released for sale in 1972. Several other companies have tried then to copy the game. This competition for more interesting game led to the birth and development of the video game industry. Without Pong, many other cool games for kids like Mario and PAC-man would not exist.

The game is incredibly easy. The player controls a racket that moves vertically on the left side of the screen and play either against the computer or against another player next to you. Ball is hitting with rackets, and the goal is to score more points than the opponent; many similar like tennis.

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