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3 Legitimate Reasons To Change Ip Address Using A Proxy
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We're not all we seem to be on the Internet. Your IP address should be an indicator or your geographical location on the Internet. However, these days, changing IP address using a proxy is simple, quick, and legal. As it becomes easier and more common to track users on the Internet (for government, advertising , or hacking purposes), the desire for anonymous surfing tools increases. While normally considered something that "Internet freaks" use to hide their porn addictions, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to use a proxy.

1. Privacy

The government does monitor our Internet activity, that's no secret. From their point of view, they have the responsibility of making the Internet safe. They need to track criminals, terrorists, and perverts, so the Internet does not become some sort of cyber-anarchy where "anything" goes. Advertisers play a similar tune, and say that tracking us is for our benefit. By checking out where we've been and what we've been doing, they can better hone in on what kind of products we might need. If we just came from a site about Wordpress, we might be interested to learn about some new Wordpress blog themes that just became available. Google even reads our Gmail!

But who's business is it? If they aren't allowed to follow us into the supermarket and take note of what kinds of fruit we're buying today, why are they allowed to do that on the net? In the name of safety should we give up our right to privacy? I don't know the answer, but I do know that when you change IP address using a proxy, you don't have to worry about these things. You become invisible, and your Internet activity anonymous.

2. Freedom of speech and press

There are still many countries that not only censor the Internet, but hunt down people who misuse it. For some governments, its a tool to track "enemies of the state". We've seen in the news recently China on a massive man hunt for human rights activists operating in their country. They're hacking into Gmail accounts across the globe, infiltrating US government sites, and banning sites and keywords from their search engine results. When you change IP address using a proxy, you can forget about all this. The anonymous, non-local IP address provided by a proxy server will get you access to banned sites, give you full access to Internet search engines, news, and video, and make sure that no one will be able to track your real IP address. Many proxy services have servers in The US, The UK, and Europe, which makes changing IP address using a proxy an ideal solution for Internet users in Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and many more counties.

3. Curing boredom at work and school

Yeah, we've all been there. Work sucks, and school is boring. When you've got some down time, are on your coffee break, or the boss isn't in for the day, how are you supposed to entertain yourself when sites like Facebook and YouTube are blocked by a firewall? Easy. Change IP address using a proxy service. If you get hooked up using a web based proxy, it means that there's no installation necessary, and you can access the link from any location you can open your inbox. Best of all, there's no evidence that you've ever jumped the firewall. Once you clear you cache and cookies, your boss will never know the difference.

As you can see, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to change IP address using a proxy. Whatever yours is, it doesn't matter, because by using a proxy you'll be completely anonymous while you surf the Internet.

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