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3 Places To Use Software To Unblock Sites
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3 Places to Use Software to Unblock Sites

There are a few situations when you may run into blocked sites. Though the internet has been labeled the "information highway", there are plenty of road stops along the way. Some of them are for our safety - like the child settings of a home computer that will block out inappropriate content. Some however are because someone is trying to restrict what we read, what we think, and what we say. Software to unblock sites can help you overcome these problems.

1. Blocked sites in public areas

Most of these sites are blocked because they're publicly used computer and no one wants to walk through the library only to run into some homeless guy looking up pictures of naked girls. Unfortunately, the firewalls that block out certain types of content are machines, and may mistakenly block sites you need for research or information. After all, we're not all going to the library to read children's books, now are we. if you find that there's content that's been blocked in your local library, a web based proxy will do the trick. Actually, you don't need to install any software to unblock sites with this tool. There are many free ones available for use, and a Google search will turn up a few reputable sites (though many are rubbish and slow). This works out well because a library computer won't let you install anything on it, and who wants to pay for a one-time-use?

2. Blocked sites at work

If you're using your work computer, things like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and other entertainment sites are going to be blocked. Unfortunately, when you're on you coffee break, these sites are going to remain blocked, even if you're on a personal device like an iPad or smartphone. In this case, I would suggest a premium proxy service. It works much like the above example of the web based proxy, but you pay a monthly fee. The reason is that you're going to be using this on a regular basis, and from the same location. The monthly fee is going to get you faster connection speeds, keep you personal data private, and there will be support should you run into any technical issues. A good proxy service will cost you a few dollars a month.

3. Blocked sites in your country

If your government is blocking sites then you're going to need a VPN. Virtual private networks include better encryption and make all of your internet activity, even other programs outside your browser completely invisible to your ISP, your local network, and therefore your government. If you're living in places like China and The Middle East, it's pretty obvious that you should be hiding things like personal blogs, email, and browsing/downloading activity. Even in places like The US and The UK, some would say that our governments know too much about us already, and would like more privacy with regards to what they do on the internet.

VPNs are a trusted form of software to unblock sites around the world. They need to be installed, and most VPN services don't keep records of your internet activity, meaning you have total privacy and anonymity. Various types of encryption will even protect you from individual hackers who might be trying to steal your personal data!

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