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Anonymous Surfing And Download
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Anonymous Surfing And Download

Surfing and downloading on the internet is more and more a part of our daily lives. While in the past, we used the internet for just 'browsing' and killing time, we can now live completely on the internet. We can go shopping, order groceries, buy movie tickets, transfer money, sell things, watch movies, and of course download software and apps for our smart phones or computer. But do you want other people to know what you're downloading and viewing on the internet? Probably not. There is software available for anonymous surfing and downloading.


Most users write off privacy online as something that only perverts, hackers, and conspiracy theorist weirdos need. Ok, so maybe that's part of the truth, but the fact is that your internet service provider analyzing your browsing history is no different than someone looking over your shoulder while you browse the internet. Would you care if someone was watching the contents of your emails? Even if you're just gossiping, you probably would be annoyed if your mailman was checking your snail mail right? Same concept. Many people forget how important our privacy is, and how easy it is to compromise that privacy on the internet, because we can't see the people spying on us.

There are a couple ways to achieve privacy online. There are many types of proxies - transparent proxies, web proxies, CGI proxies, reverse proxies, and others. They basically work by having a middle man proxy server relay information between you and the internet, so your computer or phone doesn't need to expose it's real IP and other private data to more than one source. Virtual private networks form a secure tunnel and send your encrypted information through this tunnel to prevent outside parties from being aware of its presence and being able to intercept/crack the data.

Downloading and apps/programs

Depending on what you're downloading, you may need to use a VPN. The reason is that proxies only make your browsing session anonymous. All other apps and programs will use your original IP to connect to the internet. As a wider solution, VPNs are preferred because they secure your whole machine, as opposed to just your browser.

If you're downloading or streaming from your browser, then a proxy will be sufficient. However, if you use a separate application or program to download online, then you much use a VPN to achieve anonymity. The same goes for VoIP, chatting, web mail, and games that you play online. In fact, VPNs are the preferred choice for businesses who want to use anonymous surfing and downloading not just because of the comprehensive anonymity they provide, but because they can provide security in addition to this anonymity. 128-bit standard encryption can often be upgraded to 256-bit encryption - both of which can withstand full on hacks from professional hackers.


It's my personal opinion that proxies are fine for students and temporary solutions for anonymity, but for professionals and long term anonymous surfing/download, VPNs provide more anonymity and better security. For business solutions, it is possible to set up private proxies, but it is hard to look past the security risks when compared to virtual private networks.

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