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Changes In The Way We Unlock Facebook In Vietnam
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It seems that recently people have been having trouble trying to unlock Facebook in Vietnam. Vietnam has been part of the "block Facebook" club for a while now, but they were always second string when it came to Internet censorship. Unlike some of the big players, like China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, most of the attempts to block Facebook Vietnam were pretty weak. There were many tricks that could be use to unlock Facebook in Vietnam, and it was easy to find out with a quick Google search or by watching a few videos on Youtube.

The reasons are of course unclear, but it's speculated that because of the political shifts in Egypt and the role that social networking and blogging sites like Facebook and Twitter played in these changes that Vietnam "pimped up" their censorship policies in the last few months. While previously there were many free solutions to unlock Facebook in Vietnam, these changes mean that Facebook fans in Vietnam are having to start reaching in their pockets.

If you're planning a trip to Vietnam, or are already there, don't' worry, it's not as bad as it seems. Internet censorship has yet to reach the level of some of the more infamous countries like China and Iran, and there are relatively few blocked sites. Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are among them however, and this means that keeping in touch with friends and family via these sites is going to have to be done though a virtual private network or web based proxy.

Around the world these two form of anonymous surfing technology are the most widely used. They both work to change the IP address of the user who connects to them by rerouting traffic through a "middle man" server. By first connecting to either a proxy or VPN server, the user is then allowed to surf the Internet with a virtual IP address, that is of course, not located in Vietnam. When your computer communicates with websites like Facebook or Youtube with this new IP address, the Internet rules of Vietnam don't apply to you - only the rules of the country-location of the server. This is why many users prefer an British or American IP address to unlock Facebook in Vietnam.

Proxies are useful because they are versatile. Web based proxies require no installation, and therefore can be used on basically anything that can connect to the Internet. One license can be use on your phone, your laptop at home, and your work computer. For users looking only to unblock websites, the secure browser of a web based proxy is sufficient.

For users who do more than unlock Facebook in Vietnam, ie transfer and receive large files, run software that needs a non-Vietnamese IP address, or other activities outside simply browsing the Internet, a VPN a better solution. Because a VPN is downloaded and installed on the machine you access the Internet with, all of your activities are done with your new IP address. A VPN also adds layers of encryption that proxies do not, which make VPNs popular among those doing banking and other business over Vietnamese Internet space.

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