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Cheap Tablet Computers - Kindle Fire
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Cheap Tablet Computers - Kindle Fire

Cheap tablet computers can start an euphoria on tablet computer's market. Kindle Fire is one of the tablets, that will be available for a very low price, just $199. It has already knocked down the price of  PlayBook, the BlackBerry tablet computer. But who else will have to lower the price of its tablet computer. Will it be Apple, Samsung or any one else?

Just one day after the price announcement of Amazon's Kindle Fire PC tablet (for just under $200), BlackBerry quickly responded by lowering the price of its PlayBook Tablet PC. Best Buy store already lowered the price from 499 dollars to 299 dollars.

The two devices are quite similar in appearance, both with 7 inch screen and similar dimensions. The basic version of the PlayBook has twice as the memory as Kindle Fire (16 vs. 8 gigabytes), it has a high resolution camera and a HDMI output for connecting to a TV  embedded in it. On the other hand, Kindle Fire has increasingly popular Android operating system, which was further improved and added with some type of Amazon's services, so in that case, both devices are in the same standpoint from users view and therefore quite competitive.

If a manufacturer of PlayBook has decided not to lower its prices, the price of the basic version of the BlackBerry PlayBook would be 2.5 times more expensive than a competitor Kindle Fire. But now, it is just worth for "only" a half.

I think that future of tablet PC's will be about bargaining for the right price. Cheap tablet computers will start to overpower the ones that are very popular at the moment (for example iPad, Samsung, HP). This will be the battle of tablet Titans for the bottom of the price. Everyone could compete with the king of tablets, Apple iPad, with low prices, however, iPad has a higher quality, there is no doubt.

But we have seen during the Summer 2011, when HP Touchpad was put away from the market. However, HP has made a sale of the the tablet computer by lowering the price to ridiculously 99 dollars. Everybody started to buy and it was gone in no time.

Despite that all tablet computers were not selling as good as predicted, except off course, Apple's iPad, the sell-off triggered by the HP, has "invented" a shopping euphoria with cheap prices. This is a potential good investment for non-Apple manufacturers to keep up the pace - keep cheap pc tablets and still maintain it's quality. I think, that good example of this is and will be Amazon's Kindle Fire, which offers so many quality for such a low price ($199).

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