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Get A Canadian IP Address For Entertainment, Business, And Security
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Being able to surf anonymously online can provide you with many cool advantages, that surfing with your real IP address cannot. Though anonymous surfing isn't necessary for everyone, everyone can benefit from it in some way for another. As far as security, entertainment, and business goes, there's something for everyone. In particular, getting a Canadian IP address to surf anonymously is a good idea.

Get a Canadian IP address for Security

Many people don't think much about connecting to the Internet over public networks. A pubic network is some place where several people connect to the Internet at the same spot. This could be at your local cafe, a hotel, or at a school or workplace. When you share a network with someone, it's like sharing a house. You may have your own private room, but its super easy to just open a window or door and spy on what you're doing. When you browse the Internet anonymously, it means that you borrow an IP address from another source. This means that you are no longer perceived on the ACTUAL network you're connected to, but on a secure network in another location. Locations vary, but many users want to get a Canadian IP address because there are very few restrictions on what sites you can or can't view.

Get a Canadian IP address for Entertainment

Television streaming sites are popular these days, because it means you can watch any TV show you want, any time of the day, on you phone, laptop, or Internet ready television. However, most of these sites are restricted based on region. Canada has its own version of Netflix, a variety of local TV streaming sites, and of course, live Hockey online. Being able to watch the game on the Internet is a real pain if you haven't got a Canadian IP address - not every country in the world is going to have live broadcasts of Canadian hockey. Once you've got a Canadian IP address for your phone or computer, you don't have to worry about that, you can connect directly.

Get a Canadian IP address for business

Traveling abroad for travel or business is great, but when you've got to maintain contact with the office back in Canada, it can be tough with foreign IP addresses. If you're in countries like China, Malaysia, and areas of The Middle East, you might find that company sites are blocked, or that you're unable to call over VOIP. With an anonymous Canadian IP address, not only do you not have to worry about local Internet censorship laws, you can be sure that you connection will be protected and secure.

Virtual Private Networks

The most secure way to get a Canadian IP address is through a virtual private network service. VPNs combine encryption and tunneling protocols to lock your data and provide a safe route from your location anywhere in the world to a private network of secure servers in China. Though a VPN, you'll be able to hide your IP address and browse the Internet or run software/applications just like back in Canada.

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