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Ipad Case Reviews For Folio 360
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Folio 360 II Case /Stand with Wake up and Sleep Cover

In other ipad case reviews I have never seen the unique “Z” designed case allows the user to collapse the “z” to type, or extend the “z” to a 90 to 165 degree angle for viewing, Facetime, or using the camera.

The z case is attached to the Ipad 2 through Joy Company's Snap-N-Roll technology which allows the case to attach to the ipad by a special designed circular mount. Folio 360 case clips and rotates around on the mount to allow 360 degree rotation. Therefore, the Ipad can rotate from landscape to profile viewing without detaching the case. Unlike some other ipad case reviews, the ipad is securely held upright in place in the z case. This is in complete contrast to the upside down “v” case the merely flips the front of case cover behind the ipad and forms a stand.

This Snap-N-Roll system answers two important challengesthe other ipad case reviews has reveiled for the porfolio style case has, One challenge is being able to stand securely in the landscape mode. The other is standing securely in the profile mode. Both of these are addressed in the Folio 360.

On the down side, it should be noted that the rear camera of the ipad 2 will only function in the profile viewing mode, because the camera would be obstructed by the case in landscape mode.

This Snap-N-Roll technology has been used by Joy Company in other accessories to attach the ipad to car, wall, and desk mounts.

The Folio 360 case has an professional look which would be appropriate for the business man as it is made of synthetic leather with a chrome clasp. Since it complete covers the ipad, it provides excellent protection for your investment.

After writing the ipad case review for the smart cover by Apple, I reaized that the Folio 360 case uses the same technology to put the ipad in sleep or wake-up mode by the use of magnets in its case. As the case is closed an locked the ipad is placed in sleep mode, and then awaken when the case is opened. In other ipad case reviews it was been mentioned that the “sleep” mode is not a completely “off” mode. One will still receive email notices, etc. Therefore, a slight drain on the battery continues as the ipad is asleep.

If you desire a quality, versatile, nice looking, highly protective ipad case, the Folio 360 is one to consider.

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