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Irish IP For Irish Television & Websites Overseas
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Irish IP for Irish Television & Websites Overseas

You don't have to be from Ireland to appreciate Irish culture. With the addition of Irish travelers, and especially with a large number of Irish immigrants in The USA, there is quite a demand to access Irish-only websites on the internet. Though there aren't many, there are some, and the way to access them is with an Irish IP address. You can get an Irish IP address on your phone and computer, as well as potentially on your TV or gaming console through a VPN service. These services change your IP to any country you want.

VPN services are available on the internet, and to change your IP is very simple. First, find a VPN service you like. Be sure that they offer VPN servers in Ireland. Not all VPN services offer this option, so look out for the Irish flag on the VPN service's website or ask a support team member whether they have this option. Some sites (usually the cheaper ones) will only allow you access to one country, so you can choose Ireland. Other VPN services offer unlimited access to all servers, so you could potentially access VPN servers from 50 or more countries around the world.

Once you've chosen a VPN service with servers in Ireland, download the appropriate VPN software for your internet device. You can use PPTP for smartphones like Android and iPhone. Their tablet counterparts will take PPTP as well. Mac, Linux, and Windows can also use this type of VPN. Because it's versatile, inexpensive, and fast, this type of VPN is offered at pretty much all service. The only issue with the type of VPN is that it doesn't offer very good encryption and privacy to the user. For newer version of VPNs you can use L2TP on your smartphone and table, or OpenVPN on your computers. These are widely available as well.

After you've downloaded the software and entered the login credentials provided to you, simply choose a VPN server in Ireland. Once connected, all internet traffic originating from your computer will first be encrypted, then tunneled to the VPN server back in Ireland. Once decrypted, other websites and users will think that you're actually in Ireland! This is how you unblock sites that require an Irish IP address for access.

VPN services also offer an interesting solution for people actually in Ireland. As I mentioned before, VPNs are used for privacy and security. So what if you wanted to surf the internet anonymously, or protect your personal information while using public wifi while in Ireland? Well, using a VPN would be the best solution. But doesn't a VPN change your IP? Well, if you choose VPN server in Ireland, you can still have an anonymous private IP address originating from Ireland, so long as you're signed into an Irish VPN server.

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