Nonstandard Methods Of The App Promotion
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Nonstandard Methods Of the App Promotion

For some reasons it is accepted to divide methods and ways of promotion of mobile applications on typical and atypical. Actually, the whole promotion strategy depends on the application, its focus and target audience.

There are expensive and inexpensive strategies. And those and others can be effective with the right approach to the marketing and promotion of the application. We regularly write about different ways of app promotion and a bringing of applications in the TOP of App Store and Google Play, but in this article we will tell about several ways which are considered as non-standard:

— pre-installations of the application on the user's device;

— letsplay;

— video review of the application;

— co-branding.

Pre-installations of the application on mobile phone

The developer can agree about that the device will be already on sale with his application. Pre-installation of the application on phone or tablet before or at the time of its sale brings closer the application or game to the user as much as possible. Producers and sellers of smartphones and tablets install several popular applications on their buyers’ devices. The list of popular or main applications is indistinct therefore for small payment producers and sellers can install also your application or game.

Such a way of promotion relieves the user of search of the application in a store in which they, actually, may not find the application. On the other hand, there is a risk that not each user will study contents of the phone attentively. So, he may not notice your application on a new phone. It is possible to agree about preinstalls of the application directly with the producer, but it is also possible to do it through intermediaries. It is easier to agree about such a method of Android app promotion. Also, you can get professional services in app marketing from Applead team, just click here.

If you do preinstalls at the factory, then the volume of the installed applications will contain at least 100 000 installations. If you agree with retailers, then volume of installations will be much less. Negotiations with the factory are pretty long process and can take several months, but you can negotiate with retailers for a shorter period.

In such a way it’s possible to promote the application in several cases:

- if a mobile app is designed for a mass audience, and corresponds to a wide demand.

— if the size of the application exceeds 100 megabytes and his downloading will take a lot of time.


Letsplay is very well suited for the promotion of mobile games. It is a game record with comments of the player. Letsplay can contain tips for passing of game levels, and also it can be a record of game process. Video gameplay shows and tells about the secrets and tricks of the game, but it can be very emotional and funny.

Letsplay has several objectives:

— shows game process and involves the player until installation of mobile game;

— will acquaint the user with game, can tell about some tricks;

— will show beautiful graphics or the intriguing game plot.

Usually teenagers or young people are engaged in shooting and publication of letsplay. The cost of letsplay will be cheap. You can try to agree with authors of letsplays about their accesses to paid or difficult levels of game. Letsplay from big-name player with his channel and audience will not be cheap and buns will not work here.

Letsplays are placed on forums or social networks. You have to discuss and think about time of letsplay in advance. Only fans will watch half-hour video of game and in case it will be announced the disclosure of several secrets of transition to new game level. Letsplays are pleasant to audience. You should think about its necessity, in the app promotion strategy it will not be superfluous. It is acceptable to make letsplay independently, but all its charm in the story which is told on behalf of the player who is playing for the first time. Good letsplay can always count on the viral effect that only helps in game promotion.

Video review of the application

Video review of the application is directed to target users and deprived of the emotional component. Though nobody forbids and prevents to use humour in the review. Video review is suitable not only for games, but also for other mobile applications. If we talk about video review of mobile game, it is something between a trailer, advertising of the game and acquaintance with game process. Video review of non-gaming mobile applications is more directed to showing benefits of the application, the main advantages or it will be represented by the video guide for the application.

Advantage of the video is that users don't want to waste their time and read the description of the game. It is easier to watch the video and decide whether they want such an application. From this point of view, video becomes an essential element of the app promotion.

Counting time of video review put yourself in the place of user and think about how much time he is willing to spend on viewing of the app review. Perhaps, you will have to break the review into short logical parts. Be ready to work with users comments when placing the application review. There will always be users who will surely write that review showed one thing, but it is actually far from it.

The cost of video review is different, but it is more expensive than letsplay. Be attentive to the platform where you will place the video review of the application.


One of the promising methods of app marketing is a co-branding or a substitution of publisher. In this case, the developer refuses to mention his name and gives the application to large publisher counting on the part of his traffic. Collecting applications in such a way, the publisher can promote new applications using cross-promotion within his applications i.e. he can advertise some applications by means of others.

Only in this case it is possible to suggest additional service to audience, but which is already offered by other application.

Advantages from co-branding exist. Many publishers and developers are sure that only productive collaboration can help to achieve impressive results.


Promotion of the application is a quite difficult process and requires special attention. So, you can ask for help here, team of professionals in app promotion will do everything for you.

Listed in article methods of promotion can be both complementary and essential. Therefore, you have to analyze the target audience of the application, opportunities and disadvantages of each method of promotion, compare data and make decisions.

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