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As is its style, Microsoft has focused on developing its own VPN system, SSTP, which can often be expensive, and is only available on the newest Microsoft systems. Needless to say, a product like this developed by Microsoft comes with an expensive price tag. For many people, it is better to use an alternative to Microsoft’s SSTP, such as an OpenVPN service, which can be obtained from a wide range of providers.

The "Open" VPN makes use of open source software. This type of software can be modified by anybody. This means that it can perform just as well as the more expensive software developed by Microsoft and in some cases even better. One of the advantages of an this type over a SSTP is that an it can be used on more systems than simply the more recent Microsoft operating systems.

In particular, the Open Source VPN can be used on the Macintosh operating system, Linux and even some IP phones. This type of VPN is very secure, and it protects your information as you are using the internet. Like a SSTP VPN, not all providers will offer an OpenVPN service. This means that you need to shop around to find a provider, and also to make sure that the provider you choose is legitimate.

There are some problems with the way in which OpenVPNs are developed and managed. The main problem is that the development does not earn any money for the people working on it - remember, it's open source, ie FREE! As a consequence, services can often suffer from a shortage of people to work on it. This means that the software is sometimes behind that of other types of VPN services.

A second weakness when you are using an this type of virtual private network is the amount of latency that is associated with the connection. This means that there can be considerable delay when you are operating a system and using it. This means that you shouldn’t be using an it if you are using a computer that is very low powered. However, if you are using a high powered computer or one that is very new, you can get around the latency of the connection completely.

An OpenVPN service is just one of a few different types of VPN that you choose for your computer or device. Which one you ultimately end up using depends on your individual needs and how much you are prepared to spend.

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