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Private Filipino Ip Address With A Vpn Connection
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Private Filipino Ip Address With A Vpn Connection

No matter what country you're in right now, you can get a Filipino IP address. There are ways to change the IP address of your phone and computer. One way in particular, called a virtual private network, is available for download online, and will not only give you a new IP, but also hide your old one. This is why virtual IP addresses from a VPN are also known as private or anonymous IP addresses.

About VPNs

VPNs can change your IP, but that's not all they're used for. Businesses, educational institutions, and even the military use virtual private networks to transfer data over long distances. This is because having access to a private network means you can use the public internet to privately surf the web. It's like having your own internet inside the greater internet.

Information is tunneled from your computer or phone to the private server. This means you get complete privacy from other users trying to eavesdrop, as well as private and public organizations that might want to track you for statistics or online profiling. This makes it safer to access private information without interference from third parties. You can see why universities, businesses, and military personnel use this technology for communication.

About changing your IP

So to become part of the private network, you are assigned a virtual IP address. Which ever country that VPN server is in, you get a virtual IP from there. This means that if the VPN server is in The Philippines, you get a Filipino IP address.

Why a Filipino IP

There are many reasons why you might want to change your IP, privacy and security being two of the main (but general applications). VPNs are popular with people who frequently access the internet from public wifi, because it erases your ID from the wifi zone, and virtually transports you somewhere else (plus it adds encryption).

But why would you want a Filipino IP address specifically? Probably to unblock Filipino websites. Geo restriction is one way to describe the many different firewalls placed on web servers that block foreign IPs. Some streaming TV, local banks or forums, and even many gaming sites only allow limited ranges of IP address. Many times you're already outside of the country before you realize that you can't access your favorite site without a local IP.

Using a VPN on your phone or computer to connect to VPN servers in The Philippines is how you get that Filipino IP, and it's how you unblock these sites. VPN services run networks of various sizes that allow you to connect to VPN servers from around the world. Some services offer as few a one or two country locations, while some offer 10 or more. Remember that not all VPN services have VPN servers in The Philippines, so look for the national flag or ask a customer service rep if you're not sure!

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