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Problems And Solutions For Getting A Proxy For Youtube In China
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Problems And Solutions for Getting A Proxy for Youtube In China

Finding a proxy for Youtube in China comes with a unique set of challenges. Not only are you fighting Internet censorship in China, which is a quickly changing system that keeps you guessing, but you've also got to consider that not every proxy will live up to its claims.

First and foremost, when searching for a proxy for YouTube in China, you'll find that you might get blocked from Google searches. With the nearing of Mid Autumn Festival and National Day, China heightens its senses and what laws they regularly overlook and let slide, becomes enforced with fury and precision. We see it every year, when for one or two weeks, the streets are clean, every corner has a cop, and the Internet just goes crazy.

Whether or not this most recent ban on keywords like "YouTube" and "Facebook" is a temporary measure or a permanent change is still unknown. What I do know is that for now, if you search for a proxy for YouTube in China, you simply won't get any results. That is, unless you misspell the word "YouTube". Even just separating the words "You" and "Tube" will get you past the Internet censors, and Google will fix the spelling error automatically. China has yet to ban all sites, pages, and posts that mention these keywords, so you should be able to surf most sites that promote proxies in China

Another battle you've got to fight, is finding a proxy that actually works. A lot of proxy services and blogs that promote them are not actually located in China. Much of their information is from research, and not from personal experience. Even today, I see fresh blog posts advertising proxies for YouTube in China that have been long banned by The Great Firewall. Sites like Tor, Hotspot Shield, and Hide My Ass were previously popular free proxy services that don't work anymore.

If you do find a proxy for YouTube in China that seems to be up and running, you're also go to have to consider whether or not this is a trustworthy service. The truth is than many proxy services are set up as "collection" areas to gather IP information which will later be used for spamming campaigns. This, like identity theft, doesn't not happen all the time, but it does happen. You should be looking for a reputable proxy for YouTube in China, not just some single page browser window you found on a forum post from 2009. Good indicators of a quality and trusted proxy service would include a professional site, mentions on more than one blog, and of course a privacy policy.

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