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Pros And Cons Of Kindle Fire
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Pros And Cons Of Kindle Fire

Perhaps is it too early to judge and take reviews of new Amazon's tablet computer Kindle Fire, since it has not yet been out for sale (release date is November 15th 2011). However, if you look over some technical data of this new Android based tablet PC, you can find out what does it offer or what does it not. 

First of all, I will start with "cons" or the bad parts of Kindle Fire. It hasn't got many bad sides, but still, there are one or two things, that you have to take into consideration when buying new Kindle Fire.

  • No camera - Kindle Fire does not have any camera for taking pictures, filming short videos or talking through internet chats, like Skype for example. Some people could find this a really bad thing, since others, will not miss a camera on it at all. Taking into consideration, that many people live across the country or on another continent, for example students or workers and people on business trips, they can not talk through Skype or send some pictures home to their family. An official argument and reason, for not installing a camera on Kindle Fire, from Amazon's chief executive Jeff Bezos, was that we carry mobile phones or digital cameras with us all the time and therefore Kindle Fire does not need one, so that the price of tablet computer is now cheap or more affordable. I could say this is a strong argument, but hell, I would still want a camera on my tablet PC. I think that next generation of Kindle Fire will quickly have a camera installed in it, just as it was the case at Apple's iPad, when it quickly turned into iPad 2, where it has a camera now.


  • Small Display - OK, this is not the "con" that will give you nightmares if you are considering to buy it or not. But still, it can be a downsize if you are deciding wich tablet computer to purchase. Kindle Fire has 7 inch display, with many multi-color stuff integrated in it, with 169 pixels per inch, which is better than iPad's 132 ppi. However, rumors has it, that Amazon wanted a 10 inch display at first, which would be so cool, even though that a tablet computer supposted to be small and handy. But the thing here is that Amazon is promoting Kindle Fire not just for reading e-books and magazines, but also for watching movies, where size is really important and in my opinion, Amazon should go for 10 inch display instead.


OK, enough about cons and let's rather talk about "pros" or good parts of Kindle Fire, where it has many of them, so I will sum up the most important ones:

  • Price - you will not find any of tablet computers on the market for $199 or less, that will offer more than Kindle Fire for such low price. Please read further to find out what does it offer.


  • Processor - it supposed to have Texas Instruments ARM based OMAP CPU dual core processor. Heck, I don't know exactly what that means, but it's fast! By fast, I mean that you could go on the internet and browse for picture-based web sites and watch a movie or magazine at the same time. You won't have to wait exceptionally long time for browser to load a website or a movie on the desktop. Big files be opened in no time and you could be working on with ease. 


  • Web browser - it has one of the newest and still unknown web browsers on the market, designed especially for Kindle Fire. It is called the Amazon Silk, which has a cloud accelerated speed, which means that websites would be up and running in no time, even though it has pictures to load or applications to show with no worries, because Kindle Fire supports the Adobe Flash Player.


  • Whispersync - this is a cool technology, which basically mean that you can connect your Kindle Fire with other gadgets, such as TV, computer or screen projectors, so that you can see what is on your Kindle Fire on bigger displays or show others in sence of presentations or you can just use it for watching movies with your sweat heart.


  • Amazon Prime - this is an official membership at Amazon web store, where you can download e-books, movies, magazines, games, applications, software and other digital stuff. The membership costs only $79 per year, where the first 30 days are free of charge, to have everything out from and for your Kindle Fire and it does not get any better than that!


There is more about Kindle Fire goodies, but I could go on and on and the list won't stop. I am really exited to meet my first Kindle Fire in my hands after November 15th, so that I could try it and take more reviews. Amazon has finally created the best affordable tablet PC, so that everyone could have it. Don't get fooled by this cheap price, because it has a lot of quality to offer and it doesn't matter if it does not have a camera.

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