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Proxy For Anonymous Surfing
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Proxy for Anonymous Surfing

It is easy to believe that a VPN is the best, and only solution for anonymous browsing online, however, this simply isn’t true. You can use a proxy for anonymous surfing, and this will provide you with a number of advantages over using a VPN. However, you do need to consider these two different types carefully, because they are useful for different reasons, and in different circumstances.

VPN is an abbreviation virtual private network, which gives a good indication about what the software is designed for. The truth of the matter is that many businesses use VPNs exclusively for the purpose of improving their security, without having any consideration of the other purposes that a VPN can be used for. VPNs are also effective at helping people to be anonymous online, and also accessing online content that is restricted due to censorship, restrictions on networks or regional restrictions on content.

While VPNs are very effective, they can be a little clunky because they have a lot of settings and options for users. They also tend to be a little more expensive than VPNs, and often require software to be installed.

Web based proxies have become very common. Their advantage is that they can be used regardless of whether you are using the internet at your home, or if you are at a business. For example, using the internet at your school, you might find that a range of different websites are blocked, including social networking websites. Many schools use a filtering system that is based on key words. This type of filtering system is frustrating because it normally blocks many sites that should not be.

However, one of the key reasons that you might want to use a proxy is for anonymous browsing online. Being anonymous online is important, because your IP address online can be used to track what you are doing online, and it also makes it possible for people to work out your identity.

While you VPN does not directly reveal who you are, it does provide people with a significant amount of information. In many cases, this information is personal in nature, and can be used to find out more about the user.

Using a proxy for anonymous surfing works well, because your IP address is hidden by the proxy. You do need to make sure that you choose a proxy from a dealer that is reputable, because there are a lot of people who provide proxy servers for the purposes of stealing the information from users.

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