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Reasons And Methods To Change Ip Address To USA
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There are many reasons someone might need to change to a USA IP address. The IP address is the identifier of your computer, and from a little research, with the right software, you can see a whole lot about the activity of an Internet users based on IP address alone. You can see what sites you've browsed, what you've downloaded, emails, login credentials, and more with tools that are cheap (or free) and readily available on the Internet. Becoming an anonymous "American" by changing your IP address to a USA IP is a practical decision for many people, around the world, and even those inside the USA.

Anonymous surfing is something that not a lot of people know about, and even less care about. But if you knew how vulnerable you were on the Internet, especially on shared Internet connections, you'd think twice. There is software out there called a "Packed Sniffer" who's job is to monitor traffic over a network. When you share an Internet connection with someone at a dorm, a cafe, or airport wifi zone, you're essentially sharing a network with people. Someone with the right tools and the wrong motivation can use these tools to get data from your IP, including cookies which may contain login credentials. Sure, if someone steals your Facebook password, it's not a big deal. Maybe they write some rude things on your wall. But what happens if they get the password to your bank or credit card? Have you ever sent that kind of stuff over email and thought to yourself, "eh, whatever"? They can see that too.

Changing the IP address of your computer to a USA anonymous IP with a virtual private network or proxy can prevent this. Not only will you be secure and anonymous on any open Internet connection, you'll have the IP address originating in the USA, meaning you will be able to surf unrestricted Internet.

Many countries around the world censor the Internet. China, Iran, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia are just a couple of the more well known ones, but there are many more. It's possible to use a VPN or proxy to change to a USA IP address, and bypass these Internet censorship laws. Not only will you be able to view blocked sites like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Blogger, and use VoIP devices like Skype, you'll also be able access American sites, for Americans ONLY!

Sites like Hulu, Netflix, and other TV Networks that stream TV and movies online are bound by distribution contracts and can't provide their content to the world. Therefore, much of this content is restricted to American use only. Because the main identifier of your computer location is the IP address, when you change IP address to USA, you get access to that content. Many of these sites block proxies however, so you've got to use a virtual private network to do this. Even with an American IP from a proxy, you will not be able to access many of these sites.

A virtual private networks and/or proxy won't always give you a US IP address - only the ones with servers located in The USA will! Be sure to check that the service you sign up with offers American IP addresses in the packages you plan to purchase. Otherwise, you may end up with a British, German, or even Japanese IP address!

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