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Secure Browsing For Mac
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Secure Browsing for Mac

Mac is pretty much protected from viruses and malware which is one of the main reasons to buy a Mac. What it's not protected from is passive eavesdropping by malicious individuals, private organizations like Google or advertisers, and even from invasive tactics of the government (which will vary by country). The only way to gain impenetrable online security is with a combination of tools. One of these tools is a virtual private network, which is designed to give you privacy online. Secure browsing for Mac can be achieved by connected to one of these private networks.

Virtual private networks were designed to give you privacy while connected to the public internet. Whether you're connected on public wifi at your local cafe, or even if you're in the "privacy" of your own home, there are ways that your personal information can accessed.

The most obvious one is through your ISP. Though your life isn't interesting enough to be actively monitored by your ISP on a day to day basis, they do have records of everything you do online. And if they don't for some reason, all it takes is a phone call from the right government agency and you could be 'red flagged'. Recent laws around the world regarding media piracy national security means that the internet is becoming more monitored every day.

Online profiling is becoming accepted practice, and each time a new bill is proposed to invade our private internet space is shot down, another one is created in its place. Perhaps you read about SOPA and PIPA in the USA, or Bill C-51 in Canada. Do you know about HADOPI in France or similar laws popping up recently around the globe? Am I being paranoid?

Ok, so these are more privacy issues, but there are many security issues connected with using shared internet space. Basically, sharing an internet connection with someone is like sharing anything else. It gives them access to your personal stuff. Though they won't be able to see your stuff directly, with a bit of software and couple YouTube videos, you bet they can steal your Facebook password. I'll bet that your FB password is the same as you personal email, and from there, you've basically given them the keys to the kingdom.

So a VPN for Mac is very useful. For Mac, OpenVPN is recommend because the data encryption and tunneling protocol (called "OpenVPN) greatly surpasses that of other VPNs supported by Mac (L2TP or PPTP). Like PPTP and L2TP, OpenVPN VPN server connections need no extra hardware to work properly.

Other things to consider before committing to a VPN service would be bandwidth limitations, server locations (which country), and of course price. Reviews of VPN service providers are not uncommon, but an important caveat is that most review sites make a commission off of their reviews, so take all advice with a grain of salt.

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