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Shift In Software Technology
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Shift In Software Technology

A change of emphasis on Software Solutions.

Just a few reflections of mine based on the changes in the IT Market place. The days of Microsoft products like office, Access databases and hundreds of legacy systems papering the cracks of business growth are coming to an end.

Customers are looking for software which will help them run their businesses effectively. Out of these requirements are jumping out words which were hardly associated with IT. Most software seems to focus on these four requirements. " Search , Share , Collaborate and Publish"

Whether it is Enterprise Software for running Engineering and Logistics or a Recruitment agency the base requirements revolve around the above keywords.

Take a Recruitment Company. They and their clients want to search for candidates of the right skills. They find the right skills share the information internally. Collaborate deliberate and then publish their findings in a restricted or open environment. It is the same for all businesses. Try thinking about your own business and you will find if you break it down into simple steps and see if I am right.

Remember these are my thoughts only. If you want to collaborate leave me a comment. If you want to share them tweet and share them on "Facebook". I hope you see where I am coming from.

Let us look at this site as a business model. I search and research a niche, share it with the moderators of street articles, they collaborate with me till they are happy and they publish it. Google search through their site for interesting articles, publish ads on street article site, and publish their areas of interest on their search engines using Automated collaborative tools.

What is SharePoint, Joomla, Sales-force, Open CRM like V-tiger . The models are similar. A structured database, powerful search features, permission based sharing and publishing tools. I throw in an IT jargon as a part of the last statement. Relational databases have brought about this change along with the Internet. As you will find as you read through my other musings I believe the Internet has changed the way we work, think and live.

I know you are thinking to your self what about accounting and the monster applications which cost millions which have kept the world going for years. Create work-flows and customised fields with special formulas and most businesses do not really need an accounting package. Finances are linked to customers and suppliers so are essentially a part of the same system. If you can manage your customers and suppliers effectively you will have managed your money. Publish and share your reports with the bean counters and they will produce your accounts using something similar but bit more specialised.

But can you and your business accept this change in thinking. Your business idea is brilliant and you are successful. But when choosing your next software solution keep this article in mind. Open Source software is available on the net published. Search them, share with colleagues and then collaborate to come up with a business solution only for you.

Sounds easy take the step . Jargon" CRM"- what is it? What you have just read. It is a tool which helps you search, share, collaborate and publish.

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