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Software To Change IP Address On Mac
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Software to Change IP Address on Mac

Did you know you can change your IP? Obviously, as this is the title of the article. There's software designed to do just this, and it's pretty cool because it does more than just change your IP. VPN software designed to change IP address on Mac not only changes your online identity, but it also protects your private data while connected to shared networks, and prevents others from eavesdropping on your browsing session.

What does changing your IP do?

Well, first off, let's discuss what type of IP changing I'm talking about. You see, it's possible to actually change your IP without software. In fact, your IP will change by itself - through a range of IPs assigned to your computer by your ISP. You can also request that your ISP change this range of IPs. This is different from using a VPN to change your IP.

Using software to change your IP actually changes your online identity, and hides your real one. This is why it's also called "online privacy software", or "secure VPN software". Because lots of your personal information is tied to your account at your internet service provider, it's relatively easy to hijack your internet session, eavesdrop on your online activity, and steal your private information. Identity theft online is a serious problem.

So that's how changing your IP is useful for privacy and security, but that's not all an IP change will do.

Your IP also means that you're restricted to the network rules. If you're browsing at home, you won't run into many rules. But using your work, school, or other networks you don't run may mean that your favorite sites are blocked. Also, when you travel abroad, you will find out that some countries have laws that block sites that are accessible in your own country. The reverse may be true, having an IP from your country may mean that sites like Facebook or Netflix are blocked. You need a foreign IP in order to access them.

What's the best VPN software to change IP?

So it's pretty obvious that using VPN software to change IP is pretty useful. But what kind of VPN should you use to change IP address on Mac? This depends on why you want to change IP.

For example, if I want to unblock sites that are not politically sensitive in your country, or on networks where privacy is not a concern, then PPTP will be a fast, simple, and cost effective solution. In some regions however, even Facebook is considered a tool for political activism, and Hulu may be considered American capitalist propaganda. You may just want to have better encryption on your work network. For more privacy and security while changing IP on Mac, then OpenVPN is recommended. L2TP/IPSec is also an option where OpenVPN has problems connecting.

VPN service providers will give you a choice of VPN protocols (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN), as well as a choice of server locations. Choose a service, a protocol, and a server location. Connect to the server to change your IP. Clearing your browser history and cache may help with privacy and unblocking sites. To get back your original IP, simply sign out of the VPN server.

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