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Successfully Wasting Time In The Workplace - Where To Get A Facebook Proxy For Work
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We all do it. The boss is out for the day, and we just can't be bothered to do our best.  Bored and unmotivated, we just want to chill out and get by on the minimum.  I'm not saying it's right, but it happens. The problem is, if you've got access to a computer, it might be that a firewall is blocking everything of interest. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo are probably blocked because they're well known time wasters.  We'll, is it possible to access Facebook at work?

Yes, it is.  People use proxies to access Facebook at work.  What's a proxy?

A proxy is like a third party computer that lets you borrow information from it. You, and many other users around the world access these proxy servers to bypass firewalls.  These could be firewalls at work, school, or even a firewall put in place by your ISP.  Firewalls block IP's addresses.  The good news is that they probably don't know all of the IP's of all of the proxy servers out there, so by accessing the proxy server instead of the Facebook server, you can access Facebook at work.

Proxies work in two way. One, they can directly give you information stored on the server.  Chances are that other users have accessed Facebook before, so you can get the information from the proxy without having to take a detour to Facebook. If not, the proxy server is able to make a new request for you, and pass the information on to you.  This is how a Facebook proxy for work will get you around Firewalls.

Depending on your working situation, I'd suggest getting a web based proxy. Software based proxies are going to be more expensive, and need to be installed. Most of the time your working computer is not your property, and it may be that others will occasionally use it.  By using a web based Facebook proxy for work, you don't have to worry about installing and uninstalling anything at all. Simply open up the secure browser from your normal web browser, and when you're done close up shop.

This is great because it leaves no traces, so just in case your boss is a bit of a Nazi and checks up on what software you've got installed or has software to trace your web activity, he won't see this.  With an anonymous IP address, and no installation traces, there's no evidence that you've been wasting time of Facebook at work!

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