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Surf Blocked Sites On Windows
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Surf Blocked Sites on Windows

While browsing the internet on Windows computers you're give an IP address. This is the address of your computer, and it tells other users and websites where to send information. This IP address comes with some restrictions, even though you might not be aware of it. These restrictions originate from a number of sources, including your network, your ISP, and the websites themselves. To surf blocked sites on Windows you need to change your IP address.

Why Restrictions?

Sometimes websites are restricted because of the network you're using. For example, if you use a school network to sign in, they're probably going to blocked Facebook and YouTube. The work network is going to block news sites, and now that the Olympics are going on, they're probably going to block streaming sites like NBC and Hulu. Even your ISP may block sites, and that will be related to local laws of your country.

How do you change your IP?

To change your IP you need to join a private network. Your current IP is restricted by your current network, so if you sign into a different network, you can play by their rules. This is accomplished by using a VPN connection.

VPN stands for "virtual private network". That's just what it is. It's a private network of virtual computer servers. To gain access to this network, you need an approved software and login credentials. These are provided by a VPN service.

VPN Services

These services can be found on the internet. It's a company that has a network of servers, usually located in several countries around the world. Some networks may be as small as ten to twenty servers, while others may be three hundred or more spread across 50 countries.

Which site you join depends on what you're looking in a VPN service. Features, prices, and reputation will vary.

VPN features

If you want to unblock sites from a specific country, you need an IP address form that country. You should look for a VPN service with servers in that country. If you're looking for privacy, you should find a private service that owns and maintains their own network (many networks are outsourced). Do you want to download torrents with a foreign IP? Be sure to double check they allow torrent downloading. Is mega fast speed a requirement? See if they have speed tests comparisons or at least a money back guarantee as a sign of good faith.

VPN for Windows

Which VPN should you use for Windows? Well, if your goal is just unblocking sites on Windows operating systems, and privacy is not a concern, then I would suggest PPTP. It's faster, lighter, and sometimes cheaper. If private web surfing is a concern, then OpenVPN or SSTP. More places will offer OpenVPN servers, and it will work on XP, Vista, and Win 7. Though SSTP is currently not as popular as OpenVPN, it is a Microsoft product and you might find it more compatible for Win 7 and Vista. SSTP cannot be use on Windows XP.

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