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Surf The Net Anonymously For Cheap
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Surf the Net Anonymously for Cheap

There are some definite advantages to surfing the net anonymously - unblocking sites, bypassing firewalls, privacy, changing your IP address, protection against identity theft and other cyber crime, as well as many others. But does it cost an arm and a leg to get anonymous on the net? Well, it depends on what you want to do.

Browse the net anonymously for free

There are many ways to get anonymous while you surf the net anonymously, for FREE. There are some companies like Tor, HMA, and Hotspot shield that provide anonymous surfing proxies, VPNs, and other software (Tor's Onion) to help you hide your IP. These of course come with restrictions however, like not being able to download torrents in Tor. HMA and Hotspot shield use their free service as a way to attract you to their better performing paid service, so you've got to deal with advertising stuff, but if that doesn't bother you, then go for.

There are numerous free proxies available on the internet as well. If you're not dealing with a well established and professional service however, I'd be careful. It's well known that many free proxies are just out There as a ploy to jot down your IP data, record user info, and use this for spam or identity theft. Open proxies are a perfect example of the kind of risk in using free unknown sources.

Surf the net anonymously for cheap

There are a number of discounts available with both VPN and proxy services. Premium proxy services are in general cheaper than VPN services, and the amount of privacy that they provide you with is relative to that number. I would say that proxies are great for bypassing firewalls, and masking your IP address for general online activity. However, proxies are easily detected, blocked, and not all do that great of a job of disguising your real IP address. Expect to pay anywhere form three to five dollars a month.

A cheap VPN service will however provide you with at least 128-bit encryption, and the ease of mind knowing that you're protected by a trusted and private network, backed by a privacy policy. Some larger VPN services will have 'lite' packages, that may limit you to a certain amount of bandwidth, the number of servers you have access to, or the type of VPN that you get. For users looking for general anonymity, unblocking sites, and even torrent downloading, this could be a good option.

Premium services, premium prices

For most awesome VPN services, you can expect to pay a bit more. "Cheap" is a relative term - if you want a service with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited downloading, free reign of all servers, increased encryption, and great customer service, you can expect to pay somewhere between 10 and 15 dollars, upwards of 20 or 30 dollars per month. This will of course depend on the length of your contract and the particular service you choose. Personally, I think that 10 dollars a month for an all out balls-to-the-wall VPN is not bad at all. It can seem like a big chunk of money when you stare at that $100+ USD dollars fee for a year subscription, but if you think about how much you use the VPN, you can break it down to a daily cost and it's much more doable.

For example, I use a VPN to surf the net anonymously every day. If I pay 120 dollars a year, that's ten dollars a month. Ten dollars a month is 33 cents a day. Even if you double that cost and pay $240 dollars a year, that's still less than a dollar a day. At the end of the day, I would suggest this; see how much you can budget per month for a VPN service, and then look for VPN services in that price range.

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